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there are a couple things I’ve been wanting to tell you but couldn’t find the proper moment:

-First thing, to all Patrons, I sending you a gift on Patreon messages, please check it out. I hope you like it! I genuinely feel thankful for everyone who comes to the blog but you went the extra mile and are the ones that fuel RSR and put the kibble on my cats bowl. I will see to find more things to spoil you in the future.

-Next, Armored Warfare Chieftain Mk. 6 Codes! Obsidian gave me more than I can possibly distribute during a live stream but will do my best to give them all! Next Wednesday will run a AW livestream and start giving them away. I have all vehicles and will try to hop into PVP as well.
I opted to run it over on Twitch because I have giveaway tools that I’m already familiarized with and at the same time you can see things are being done fairly, I will be giving a password for each code and you just need to type it on chat once to be eligible.

-On Friday! I’m back to playing World of Tanks but is going to be a short one, I got invited to participate on a charity livestream to support the troops and would love you to attend, will be giving you more information when the time comes.

-Last, TankFest! I need to warn that if any of you are interested in going to The Tank Museum biggest annual event and haven’t bought tickets to start buying them yesterday!
I was on the phone with one of the lads that works there and they are planning to have a full house again this year, the tickets are almost sold out. I’m warning because I don’t want someone to come all the way from another country to see me or someone else and then not being able to enter because the place is full like last year. UK H&S regulations are a pain in the arse and the staff has express orders to not sell more than what’s stipulated.

Also, I can tell you yet but this year they will have something REALLY cool happening! Just, trust me!

For those attending, the VCC will be open all day and a comrade Ed Francis will be there, he has made himself available to give a tour to “Rita viewers/readers” (dissidents are welcome too) so what I’m going to do is probably set a time to group up and join you to make things easier for him.

I think that’s all… for now.

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