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Hello everyone,

Yuri Pasholok published yet another “wacky” Soviet design, this time for a tank that was supposed to destroy enemy tanks by… ramming. It was proposed in November 1942 by Soviet engineers E.R.Rass and P.L.Rozov from the No.1 NKAP plant (NKAP means People’s Commissariat of Aviation Industry of the USSR) – a plane factory.

The reason for the creation of this vehicle was that (as the report attached to the drawing explains) “ramming is one of the most effective and demoralizing way of dealing with enemy tanks”. Therefore, the designers proposed a vehicle with two hardened rams on each end. The armor was 50 to 75mm thick (on most exposed places). The ramming was to be performed at speeds between 25 and 30 km/h. The vehicle was to weigh 50-60 tons (from the report, Yuri Pasholok writes 75 tons) and was to have backup armament – 30mm guns. The design was intentionally made very streamlined and sleek for maximum resistance to shells.

Needless to say, this proposal was not accepted.


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