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The old ransomware has now a new tactic for extorting money by targeting it’s victims games.

They use a CryptoLocker malware on saves, maps, mods and other game-related types. After being infected with the malware a red window will show stating now your files have been encrypted and only way to obtain the key is by paying through a given sketchy link, the victims that fall for it usually end up with a bigger problem as their credit card info is now in the hands of the criminals.

There are over 20 games targeted from Single user like “The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim” to Online games like “World of Tanks”, Gaming Software like “Steam” and Game Development Software have been also targeted.

So be careful when you decide to install a Skyrim sexy Lydia mod or your regular WoT’s mods.

Actually, imagine if the criminals would only start targeting Warpack mod users, that would be sweet. *Wink Wink* Wargaming.

Source: http://labs.bromium.com/2015/03/12/achievement-locked-new-crypto-ransomware-pwns-video-gamers/

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