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Причины популярности танковых симуляторов
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Now it is difficult to find a man who was not be familiar with the games about tanks. Even the fairer sex are well aware of these games. But what is connected with the popularity of the genre? Objective reason almost impossible to find, but there are several factors that are likely to relate to this increased interest among users. To do this, go to any site with online games. We chose playshake.ru as offering a good selection and has a friendly interface. Now take a few simple flash toys about tanks and try to identify common features.

Causes of increased interest in the games about tanks

First , and perhaps the most basic factor that was reason to move users to the game about tanks – is hackneyed model of network games. Gamers tired of the once created the prototype of a network game, where the character can move freely around the world, gaining territory, develops, killing mobs, etc.. Games such a plan in the network an unlimited amount. The creators of the tank games could feel a trend of decline of interest in the aforementioned genres.

In fact, most existing games differ only in the appearance of characters, their skills and the world around them. And the choice of the characters themselves are not very happy: elf, dwarf, orc, human, and, perhaps, – everything. There are various modifications, but this does not become easier. Game about tanks are filled with the variety. Besides the fact that there are so many of their models, so more and they all differ in their tactical and technical characteristics: body armor, tower, firing range, speed, destructive capacity, sight radius, etc.

The second factor that affected the change of orientation of the user, can be regarded as the magnitude. When the armored division with a total weight of 50-100 tons of metal, rattling and clanking, moving to the second the same team, the heart goes to the heel. Piles of crumpled iron, loud shots, spectacular breaks, sparks and flames – all this gives the player calm throughout the game, forcing deeper into the process. Such an atmosphere is not observed in the games of other genres, because bursting magic balls look is not so impressive.

A third factor can be considered realistic. Players tired of fictional characters, fantastical worlds and magic. In games about tanks all realistic. Each player will feel like the driver of this death machine weighing several tons and punching power, which is enough to demolish any house. Especially, in many of these games developers are trying to recreate the real battlefields and historical battles. Drive your tank somewhere on the Kursk Bulge, which have recently read in the history books – it’s fun and exciting with even greater force.

The fourth factor , adds games about tanks even more popularity – it’s a great opportunity for development. Various modifications of the guns, armor, engines, transmissions – all this is available in the choice of the player himself. In addition, these options are available for each tank. They practically do not repeat each other and are unique to each model.

A fifth factor – this is teamwork. In most games about tanks there is a certain gradation of classes: light, medium and heavy combat vehicles. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, only the right to distribute the roles in combat, you can get a win. Light tanks are used for the detection of enemies, medium – for quick extermination, and heavy – always ready to start even in an unequal battle.

The sixth factor can be regarded as a fascinating process. On average, one fight can last 8-15 minutes. That is, the scenes are replaced very quickly. At this rate, the players did not even have time to get tired, so even a few hours of game time pass like an instant. A very important role in the games about tanks and played the original mass of supporters, because word of mouth has not been canceled. Even a few times to hear mention of the tanks is of interest to those who had never not interested in this.


In general, the game about tanks arouse much interest among users due to its novelty, diversity and a large audience of users. A lot of games of this genre from the very first day captivated millions of users who are “stuck” in them for a long time. Why are only Tanki Online World of Tanks or even ordinary flash toys about tanks. These games have already come into popular and top themselves numbered among the players to the category of cult.

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