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Recapping the Triarii Clan Player Meetup
2015-10-27 22:00:00 / News

On a recent Saturday afternoon in New York City, Blitz players gathered at the Club Quarters Hotel for a meetup hosted by the Triarii clan. People came from as far away as Texas for a chance to meet their fellow players in person and stream World of Tanks Blitz.

While the event was entirely player-run and organized, we provided plenty of Blitz merch to give away. The event’s livestream, hosted by Club Wargaming member Str8UpJack, connected players using teamspeak so that Triarii members unable to make it to NYC could still participate.

If you missed it, the stream is still available for viewing on Str8UpJack’s Mobcrush channel!

“It was great meeting all of you. It was well worth the trip,” said Triarii member Saigoned, who travelled 1,700 miles from Texas to attend. Another Triarii member, Tankervixen, echoed the sentiment by saying, “That was a lot of fun. Definitely down for meeting up again sometime in the future!” Although he was unable to attend, Blitz Community Manager Alo8ight was happy to see the event turn out to be such a success, saying “I cannot help but stress how proud and happy I am to see a group of individuals that share this similar bond and passion for playing World of Tanks Blitz!”

If you’re disappointed you couldn’t make it to this event, keep your eyes on the forum! More player gatherings are in the works and our community staff is eager to work with players looking to organize their own gatherings.

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