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Recess Rumble: Fighting Heavy Tanks
2015-08-28 09:04:00 / Guides

Heavy tanks have great armor, good guns, and enough speed to keep up with you if their commander can predict your movements. As with tank destroyers, it is rarely a good idea to approach these vehicles from the front, because any tank other than another heavy tank will not want to trade shots with one of these behemoths.

The tactics for fighting heavy tanks are also similar to fighting TDs: Minimize your exposure, preserve your hit points, and if you can, strike when their turret is pointed away from you. It is absolutely vital not to trade away too many of your own hit points to remove the same or fewer hit points from an enemy heavy tank, as heavy tanks typically have a large HP pool to draw from.

It’s dangerous to go alone!

As a light tank: Your best weapon against heavy tanks is view range, and your best protection is your speed and concealability. Follow the rules of Survey, Spot and Sneak: survey the battlefield for enemies. Once you find them, try to stay unseen, remaining close enough to the enemy to spot them, but still close enough to your team to relay the enemy’s location. Once both teams are engaged, you can sneak around to the sides of a fight and hit the thickly armored heavies in the sides!  

As a medium tank: The key to fighting heavy tanks in a medium tank is to never operate alone. While a medium platoon provides flexibility and focused fire, you can still team up to protect your heavy tanks and tank destroyers even if you are not platooned in a “Wolfpack”. The best way to do this is by destroying enemy light tanks and medium tanks, making sure they cannot spot your own heavy tanks for their team to destroy yours at a distance. If you can deny your enemy the vision and flexibility of lighter tanks, you will have an easier time flanking heavy tanks.

As a tank destroyer: Stick with your team; you are reliant on allied tanks spotting targets for you, and your job is to ensure that the enemy heavy tanks do not get close enough to brawl with you or your non-heavy teammates. Take as many chances as you can to fire at a distance, and focus on stopping enemy heavy tanks by shooting away their tracks before retreating to a backup position before they get too close.

As a heavy tank: It’s time for a clash of steel titans! In a heavy tank fight, the winner is the player who preserves their own hit points while forcing the opposing heavy tank to spend all of theirs trying to hit them. The best way to do this is to stay with your team and support them, taking hits as necessary to keep them alive to help you out later. Get a solid feel for the mechanics of your own vehicle: How long does it take to turn? Is there an angle you can turn your front towards that will bounce more shells? How long does each reload take?

Once you’re able to play your heavy tank to its full potential, learn the best ground for your heavy tank’s sub-class, and if you have to fight alone, take full advantage of your tank’s strengths while exploiting the vulnerabilities of the enemy heavy tank. With good use of tactics, timing and knowledge, you can turn enemy heavies into smoking wrecks in no time! As with fighting tank destroyers, you may have to take one or two shots from the enemy along the way, but as a heavy tank, you can usually eat those hits and survive. Remember, the only hit point that really matters is the last one on your tank.

If you’re a new player and want to learn tips and tactics from your fellow tankers, check out the Newcomer’s Section of our forums!

Before you leave, why not take a moment to share your own suggestions for tactics to employ against heavy tanks in the forum?

Class dismissed!

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