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Recess Rumble: Fighting Light Tanks
2015-08-07 08:57:00 / Guides

While light tanks may not seem threatening face-to-face, it’s when you don’t see them—or when you dismiss them as no threat—that they help their team the most. This is because they are informing the rest of red team exactly where your forces are, enabling enemies with larger guns to shoot at your team from outside of their detection range, as well as your own visual range, making it harder to see them. Taking out light tanks denies the red team expanded vision range and makes it harder for tank destroyers to see targets and snipe at a distance. This can force the enemy to come to you and enable your allies to shoot them apart as they are spotted by your light tanks.

As a light tank: Figure out which sub-class of light tank you have met, and engage them on terms that work to your advantage. If they outgun you, run and face them with teammates at your back; if you outgun them and they are alone, take the chance to engage and get your hits in!

As a medium tank: You are the second line of defense against these pesky lights! Always engage them unless they are close to their teammates and you are outgunned. Stay on the move and keep enemy lights off-balance: if you are fast enough to chase them down and ram them, do so!

As a tank destroyer: Even if you have a turret, tank destroyers are generally not mobile enough to keep up with the movements of most light tanks. Unless you are directly under threat, or if the light tank has stopped or been tracked in front of you, you are better off aiming for less mobile foes. Be mindful that the light tank has probably spotted you for its teammates, and keep a fallback position or two in mind.

As a heavy tank: Just like the tank destroyer, you are not likely to out-traverse this mobile gadfly that you have likely been spotted by. You do however have more options. Ramming an enemy light tank that has accidentally crashed into a building or terrain feature is a good tactic, as is shooting their track off if they have slowed down. That said, with such a powerful gun you won’t need to aim for the track, as you’ll have better luck causing immense damage by shooting to hit any part of the light tank! Finally, keep a location to retreat to if the fire gets too hot!

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