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Recess Rumble: Fighting Medium Tanks
2015-08-14 15:57:00 / Guides

Medium tanks are some of the most versatile and dangerous adversaries on the battlefields of Blitz. Their inherent flexibility means that they can function as scouts and snipers, or get up close and personal when the situation calls for it. Capable of flanking and damaging practically any enemy that they run across, medium tanks are both mobile enough that they can be tricky to hit, and durable enough that they can sustain a few shots.

As a light tank: Medium tanks are superb at hunting down and destroying light tanks. Avoid engaging medium tanks directly, particularly if you’re alone. Your key to survival as a light tank is to spot the enemy medium tanks as they move up, retreat if necessary to preserve your health, and spot them for your teammates. Engage medium tanks only if they’re distracted and you’ve got a clear shot at their rear or flank where their armor is weaker.

As a medium tank: Determine which sub-class of medium tank you command, as well as which enemy sub-class you are facing. This knowledge will help you decide your tactics. For example, if they’re a Jack of All Trades medium tank that is adept at fighting over hills or rough terrain, you should not engage the enemy tank on ground of their choosing. Flank, withdraw, or find a different way to fire at them on terms favorable to you.

As a tank destroyer: Keep up with your team so that allies can protect you, and be mindful of the locations of your own light tanks and medium tanks, as they’ll be engaging or spotting medium tanks for you to shoot. With luck, they’ll manage to gain the focus of enemy medium tanks so that you have time to line up your shots. If you’re able to sight the tracks of an enemy medium tank, target them with your first shot. If you succeed in damaging them, the enemy’s resulting lack of mobility will make it easier for you to land follow-up shots. If you can lead a moving target (place your crosshair where the moving tank will be instead of where it is currently) you can not only disable its track but you might also force the vehicle to flip around on its axis, exposing its weaker side armor and making it a larger target.

As a heavy tank: When fighting medium or light tanks, do whatever you can to reduce their mobility. While you’ve got excellent armor and a good gun, you’re also slower: your hull and turret often won’t be able to keep up with the mobility of a medium tank. Your big gun also takes longer to reload, so be patient and choose your shots carefully. If you can, shoot off the enemy tank’s track, or use your size to ram them and keep them in place as you fire to your heart’s content.

Before you leave, why not take a moment to share your own suggestions for tactics to employ against medium tanks in the forum?

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