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WT Pz4 320
ISU-152 310
Rhm.-Bors. 310
Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger (P) 360
Jagdpanther 300
T20 350
Lorr. 155 51 280
GW Panther 270
AMX-13-75 430
T21 420

Explanation of buckets

tsiferki not final, we experiment and see how Cho yes.
We just took the extreme values ​​to see how it zaffektit in combat.

There’s important not to forget that batshat and leopard 1 is semi-LT

Do not forget. We have the same reason IS-3 is such a while. Type of assault tank, all the cases.

It would be better done differentiated sector review: Front more back and sides less. In the tank with the tower to do more review in the anterior sector bashni- want to not logged szadi- Verti Tower.

Too difficult to understand and to be expensive for the calculations.

A reduction of vision when standing in the bush not far-fetched to do?

This feature and during heated discussions.

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