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On the US server details emerged referral system.

Available bonuses:

Both Player , invite a guest will receive bonuses if:

  • They play in the platoon
  • They win the fight
  • Both reached the Top 10 on the experience of the team

If all the conditions, then:

  • Experience earned a recruit comes in “Fund experiments” where it accumulates
  • Both the game and invited a guest get additional experience and to reach 350,000 in the experience “fund of experience.” Number of bonus experience the following:
    • x3 – within the first 24 hours after the first of the first joint combat platoon in random battles
    • x2 for the next 7 days
    • X1.5 up achievements in “fund of experience” 350000 experience
    • x1 since reaching 350,000 in “Fund experience,” but not before the end bonuses x3 and x2

Depending on the amount of accumulated experience in “fund of experience,” invited will receive the following awards

Experience Awards
image 100,000 1,000,000 [1,999,054]
image 300,000 image Charging
image 500,000 image Driver
image 700,000 image Gunner
image 1,000,000 [1,999,045] image commander and tank image T95E2

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