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General information about the system
Referral system enables active players to attract new players to the game and return to the departed. Socialization invite players from beginner or a returning player, stimulated by a variety of rewards to both parties.

The terms in the system

Recruiter – active player who receives a certain number of invites for invitations returning players. Gets enlarged experience for successful joint fights; loans, and T95E2 tank crew to him for the accumulation of a certain level of referral practices.
Recruit – the player who made the registration in the game through an invite exiled recruiter. Gets enlarged experience for successful joint fights.
Recruit – player returned to the game after a long absence through an invite exiled recruiter. Gets enlarged experience for successful joint fights.
successful joint fight – standard battle which was his recruiter and 1-2 rookie recruits in a platoon while players platoon took no less than 10th place team on pure experience. The fight should end with a victory.
Invites – single opportunity to invite a recruit or recruits. The Office invites (shipping, acceptance) is conducted in the Web Part.
Referral experience – the experience of bringing a recruit rookie recruiter for their successful joint fights. This experience can only be accumulated in a pool of experience, for it is impossible to explore the technique or translated into a free.
Poole referral practices – a set of referral experience recruiter from all recruits recruits. For the accumulation of certain values ​​recruiter receives special award.


1. Modifiers experience (values ​​are set only for the ST and will be different from any released)
represents the modifiers combat experience and apply to all successful joint fights with other modifiers are added to the experience (combat missions, the first victory). Can take the following values:
x3 – the first 1h of the first successful joint fight.
x2 – next day after the end of the stage “x3”.
X1.5 – at the end of the stage “x2” until this Recruit rookie will not bring his recruiter 10,000 referral practices.
2. Recruiter Awards (values ​​are set only for the ST and will be different from any released)
issued during the accumulation of experience in the pool of the referral of the following values:
2000 referral Experience – 1 million credits
6000 referral experience – Charge on the tank T95E2, 100%, which is enough for a free experience 2 full perk.
10,000 referral experience – a driver on the tank T95E2, 100%, which free experience is enough for 2 full perk.
14,000 referral experience – a gunner on a tank T95E2, 100% free experience which will last for 2 full perk.
20,000 referral experience – the commander of a tank T95E2, 100% whose free experience enough for 2 full perk + T95E2 tank without crew + slot for him.
Also, when buying any rookie any investigational (not premium) tank level 10, the recruiter immediately gets T95E2 tank tank + slot to it. In this recruiter referral experience continues to accumulate in the pool and on the achievement of 20 000 will receive only the tank commander.

All management is done through a referral system Web.

These include:
Page send invitations to the recruiter.
Page progress referral program for recruiters, displaying her successes recruits course obtain unique awards, etc.
Page recruits for the recruits recruits, it displays the number of brought recruiter experience, current experience modifier, etc.
This updates on receiving the award referral practices, etc. going to get out of the game client, or 1 per hour if the player continues to play.

In the client players available:

Window recruiter recruitment center – offers concise information about player’s account in the header of the hangar, if at least the 1st Recruit rookie accepted the invitation and at least once who came into the game. Provides information about the current state of the referral program for the recruiter, allows you to track the number of referral of experience in the pool, send invites to his platoon of recruits recruits.
Icon referral links in the contacts – is shown for both the recruiter and recruit for rookie indicates a referral connection with this account. In the menu on the RMB becomes possible to send an invite for a platoon player.
When playing together platoon – a separate item in the extended postboevoy statistics indicating the modifier on experience.

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