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Especially for the real men in the bowels of BURGER KING & reg; It was developed by a brutal black tankoburger that inflict a crushing blow on hunger and give you new strength for victory in the game and in life. Fortified by this hearty doppaykom possible in the new dining complex “Tank Combo” consisting of a black “ Average Tankoburgera” King Free” & reg; (Standard portion) and carbonated beverage (0.5 L).

From 15 June to 31 December 2015 when buying lunch “Tank Combo” in addition to a powerful boost of energy you get more and the two special gifts:

  1. an invite code to the premium tank Churchill III , 3 days Premium account and 1000.
  2. bonus code 1 day premium account, or 250, or a set of premium equipment
    ( Automatic fire extinguisher + Big Kit + Much kit).

All three bonus codes are distributed randomly. You can also see the contents of a bonus code that is received only after activation.

Details of the action

1 . The special offer will be valid in all restaurants network BURGER KING & reg; (Russian) [1,999,006] than located at:

g. Ul. Big Tula, 13, the SEC “Yerevan Plaza”;
Moscow, Komsomol prospect, 28, Moscow Palace of Youth,
Moscow Stadium “The opening of the Arena”;
St. Petersburg c. Dybenko, 27, Art. m. “Ulitsa Dybenko”;
Ussuriysk Str. Nekrasov, 82B;
Vladivostok, ul. Svetlanskaya 56.

2 . For one game account can activate no more than 15 bonus code of each species.

Recall that all activity in the current World of Tanks you can learn from Calendar of Events .

Fill with World of Tanks and BURGER KING & reg;!

(c) 2015 [1,999,089] World Of Tanks [1,999,091]

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