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Hello everyone,

in the previous post, I forgot to mention one thing. If you bought the Hitlerpanther for old full price and do not wish to have it anymore (regardless of the 4200 gold compensation), Wargaming is offering to fully refund the vehicle – you get your money back, they will remove the vehicle and the garage slot.

If you want that, you have to contact the support service.

Keep in mind one thing however: it’s holidays and so your ticket will probably take long to be processed. It’s also possible your account will be locked until this situation is resolved (have seen that happen with other matters concerning money issues, specifically various chargeback cases).

Another thing also is that according to data from wot-news and Russian forums in general, the Hitlerpanther is the worst sold hightier premium EVER (with very poor sales during first days), which means WG can afford this (the complicated nature of refunds via tickets means few people will do this anyway), as only a couple were sold. That on the other hand means that this will likely not be repeated, like ever. Unless they release another equally unpopular premium :)

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