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Hello everyone,

apparently, currently, there’s a bug (exploit) in team battles, allowing you to roll out with a 7/55 team instead of 7/54:


Replay is here: http://wotreplays.com/site/1621699#team

Now, I don’t play team battles, nor do I care about them too much (as in, at all), so I have no idea how this exploit works. According to some people I asked, this is not the first time such bug appeared in them (something about Maus?). I was just wondering about its principles – does one of the tanks count for one point less than it should?

In any case, it’s a really stupid way to cheat, because you will obviously be reported by the enemy team (unlike random battles, TB players actually care about their team’s results). No idea what the punishment is though, heard it’s a 3 day ban somewhere, but who knows. And of course, the *golfclap* of the day goes to Wargaming for leaving exploits in team battles. At least the competitive part of WoT and stuff connected to it should be exploit free.

Enjoy your WGL hangar.

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