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Hello everyone,

looks like there’s a very nasty business brewing in the east. Generally, the news from the ASIA server, that get on FTR only concern two things: one is WG information (sometimes, stuff on ASIA server gets released early thanks to the agility of WG ASIA staff) – the other was Tanitha’s former Q&A thread.

But, as it turns out, ASIA has its share of dramas and Wargaming fuckups. This time, it involves a stronk unicum clan, VPA (Vietnamese People’s Army). No, these guys are not trolls – you see, the former separate Vietnamese (VN) server merged with SEA server to create the ASIA cluster. Therefore, Vietnamese players actually do play on ASIA (I can see actually a LOT of visits on FTR from Vietnam and Philippines for some reason – hey guys!).

Anyway, back to stronk drama. I recieved about two dozen e-mails about the same issue, which – for ASIA server – is completely unprecedented. Obviously, ASIA players are interested in this matter and Wargaming’s attitude. The thing is, most of the e-mails contained just a link to a VERY long drama thread, which I did partially read. The short version is: VPA clan rigged CW campaign battles and WG did nothing about it, save for fuelling the fire by locking threads.

Now, before we begin, for the record: I actually like Tanitha (WG Asia producer), he’s been forthcoming and generally pretty decent, but in this case, it’s somehow my impression he managed to drop the ball and – if anything – he did let this issue blow out of proportions. But I am not well-versed in the matters of ASIA server, so I’ll instead let someone else speak, who is – Potoroo (I hope he doesn’t mind, but after spending two hours reading the stuff, I didn’t manage to produce anything better than his summary – quite the contrary).

Potoroo’s Explanation of the VPA Issue

The context is Campaign 2. A large Indonesian clan called 4S was accused of Victory/Fame points farming with its sub-clans (4S1, 4S2 & 4S3). WG Asia eventually investigated and 4S was stripped of all its points. This sequence is crucial: complaints of collusion, investigation, punishment.

So everybody went, “Whoa! WG are serious about this ‘spirit of the event’ stuff! That’s it, no more campaign battles with sub-clans ever.” And we didn’t.

Then WG SEA merged with the WG Vietnam server to form the renamed WG ASIA server. Enter VPA (Viet Nam People’s Army). These guys were better than good and more than a few people became highly suspicious of their uncanny ability to always be pointing their guns at you even though you hadn’t been lit and so forth. Accusations they were using Warpack started flying around, which have since been corroborated by at least two former VPA members. So, they very quickly became very disliked.

Now to Campaign 3. On the one hand you had very few clans willing to take VPA on because so many people are convinced they’re hacking, and then they started fighting their sub-clan (VPA-F, later renamed VM as they tried to pretend the two clans were not affiliated). Both suddenly rocketed up the Alley of Fame at quite ridiculous rates. Enter the claims of collusion, as per 4S, and the Stage 3 ‘boycott’ of fighting VPA to deprive them of Fame referred to in the thread title.

Tanitha, as always in these matters, was both late to the party and less than helpful when he arrived. He’s notorious for ducking and dodging difficult questions and this was no different. However, maybe halfway through the thread he let slip a ripper: 4S had not lost its Campaign 2 points because of collusion. They lost them because they failed to submit replays of the battles when WG Asia asked for them. To add insult to injury he let this slip on the second last day of Campaign 3.

This opened up a huge can of WG worms (the quoted text is by Brictoria).


Now, there’s a campaign rule that says, “Clans may attack each other. This is part of clanwars. This also extends to sub-clans, and allied clans. Clans may however not prearrange battles, for any reason including the purpose of farming fame or obtaining/providing excessive fame scores. This is for all clans, allied or not, sub clans or not.”

But what does that mean? As far as fighting sub-clans was concerned everybody except VPA said, “Remember 4S,” and nobody fought their own sub-clans even when it would have made the campaign easier. But if we are allowed to fight our sub-clans then how are we to avoid the appearance of collusion? Moreover, when WG’s lack of will to enforce the rule, especially the bit about “prearranged battles”, was repeatedly and forcefully questioned Tan got flustered. Having admitted that rule was “not policed”, he went on to say, “Its not about writing rules, and expecting everyone to play honorably, and within the spirit of the game. its about having rules which can be enforced“.

So, to try to wrap this up, it started with accusations of collusion being thrown up (as per 4S), only to have Tan come in and pretty much say, “No, it’s never been against the rules, well, it sort of is but we’ll never know because we don’t police it, we need you to tell us about it,” (enter the sub-argument about whether or not we’re supposed to submit tickets to Support or PM Tan directly), “but all you’ve got is hearsay which I’m not interested in and anyway it’ll all be golden when we get CW 2.0.” It takes a lot of close reading to follow the different sub-arguments, not least to understand the way Tan, as usual, routinely ignores difficult questions or provides only partial and not always relevant answers to them as he argues that night is day and up is down, with the clear implication that we’re all idiots for not understanding WG’s perfectly clear and unambiguous communications.

And that’s just the summary. I’ve left out the bits like the two clan leaders who were approached by VPA to prearrange battles for Fame (FURY refused, I don’t know about the other one), and all sorts of other tidbits. Hopefully that’s enough to get you started on why WG Asia’s CW base is furious at them yet again. As Nigel_no_mates put it in response to Tan just before the thread was locked:


First, there’s the immediate outrage about the whole “4S weren’t pinged for collusion after all” bombshell and Tan’s seeming lack of concern about VPA/VPA-F(now VM)’s exploitation of a loophole you could drive a truck through which most people regard at the least as dishonorable. Second, there’s deep concern about Tan’s “clarification” of the highly ambiguous rule about fighting your own sub-clans on future campaigns. When we were all terrified of “being 4S’d” it meant the only way we could get Fame points was by fighting other clans, which surely is the point of the exercise. If we are in fact allowed to fight our own sub-clans then welcome to Farmville. With the mods now clamping down on the discussion people are looking for another avenue to publicize what’s been going on.


Well, there you have it. Vague rules are a really bad idea in competitive environment. During the drama, another thread appeared, accusing the same clan of not only rigging, but also hacking, using Warpack and account selling. Screenshots from certain FB pages were provided, but considering few people speak Vietnamese, some dismissed them as irrelevant. Wherever the truth lies, this has to be the nastiest ASIA drama I’ve ever seen (apart from the earlier 4S one).

Let’s hope for a swift – and, most importantly just – resolution of the entire matter.

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