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Hello everyone,

as some people noticed already, (thanks to Kvetule and Flyingd for this one), those folks, who won a CW tank and chose it using a special web page on WG portal didn’t recieve it in patch 9.5, despite the page claiming it should be credited with the arrival of the 9.5 patch:

reward tank

So far, there’s no comment from Wargaming on that one, but I wouldn’t panic just yet. The deadline for selecting your reward tanks was 22.12.2014 10:00 CET (which was cca 30 minutes ago at this point), so it’s possible it was just delayed and the tanks will be distributed throughout the day. Of course, this is Wargaming EU so we can expect a fail, but for now, let’s give them some leeway. I will update you if it turns into an issue.

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