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Registration Tickets for Tournaments
2017-03-24 17:00:00 / News

As part of our efforts to continue to improve our tournaments, we’ll be implementing a registration ticket system once Update 3.7 drops.

What Are Tickets?

Tickets are items that allow you to register in tournaments depending on the tournament level and tier of the ticket. While the lowest level of tournament tickets can be acquired easily, higher levels will require you to complete tournaments to earn them.

Teams that register for tournaments but don’t show up to battle can be a serious hindrance. Even though opponents get an automatic win, they miss out on the experience of battle and are forced to wait around until the next round. With this new system, teams that no-show will forfeit their registration tickets.

Types of Tickets Bronze Series Ticket

Tier Ranges: V-VI, VII-VIII, or IX-X
Earned by completing battle missions or purchased.

Silver Series Ticket

Tier Ranges: V-VI, VII-VIII, or IX-X
Earned in Bronze Series tournaments.

Gold Series Ticket

Tier Ranges: VII-VIII, or IX-X
Earned in Silver Series tournaments.

Grand Championship Ticket

Tier Range: IX-X
Earned in Gold Series tournaments. 

Using Tickets

If a tournament requires a ticket, you’ll see an icon displayed on the tournament list. From there you can pull up detailed information on the type of ticket required, as well as invite players on your team to contribute tickets for registration. Once the required amount of tickets have been contriubuted for your team, your team can register!

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