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1. General Rules of the third stage of the Third Campaign
1.1. The third stage of the Third campaign on the Global Map will be called “The Fall of Empires” and will last for 10 (???) days – from 12 (??) to 22 (??) in December 2014.
1.2. In the third stage can participate technique to X inclusive level.
1.3. Riots and looting included.
1.4. C12 (??) in December ??? (MSC) to 13 (??) in December ??? (MSC) is active “redivision of the world”:

  • All provinces are available for landing.
  • intelligence and counterintelligence included.
  • Riots disabled.
  • The maximum number of entries for the landing in the “division of the world” – 32.

  • If in the course of the tournament for landing a fight with the owner of a draw, the province passed into the possession of Clan-applicant.
  • 1.5. “The redistribution of the world” ends on December 13th. After that, the rules come into force stage of “The Fall of Empires”:

    • Riots included.
    • Probability uprisings increased.
    • The maximum number of applications for participation in the landing – 64.

    1.6. The final frontier of a third company will begin 21 (???) in December
    1.7. During the third campaign clan at any time can make the transition between the global map, or leave the card at all. At the same clan loses all his possessions to 1.6. During the third campaign clan at any time can make the transition between the global map, or leave the card at all. At the same clan loses all his possessions on the map, which leaves, but its glory Points saved.
    1.8. After the departure of all the chips in the clan, as well as the rate removed from the card and transferred to the reserve. Previous card chips and rate are available 24 hours. In reserve available chips can be set to any global map on the next move after removal.
    2. The main objectives of the third phase
    2.1. In the third stage, clans can get bonuses glasses glory in two ways: by increasing the number of provinces, owned or in fighting clans that Immersed more provinces.
    2.2. Factor G on the third phase of the campaign depends on the number of captured provinces and the difference in the number of provinces owned by competing clans.
    G = 1 + (N1 + N2 / N1) × 0,25
    N1 – the number of provinces, owned by the clan (if clan has no provinces, N1 = 1)
    N2 – number of provinces owned by the clan of the enemy (if a rival clan has no provinces, N2 = 1).
    2.3. Estimated coefficient G is rounded to one decimal place.
    2.4. Coefficient G is calculated depending on the situation at the moment, before moving on to the ownership of the province of another clan.
    Clan K1 has only province P1. Clan K2 has three provinces: P2, P3 and P4. K1 clan attacked the clan K2 (province P2), won the battle and became the new owner of the province. The current calculation progress, K2 has the owner of the province, and so points of Fame will be calculated as follows:

    • When calculating Fame Points for K1 players, the factor G must be calculated according to the formula:

    N1 = 1, N2 = 3
    G = 1 + (1 + 3/1) × 0,25 = 1 + 4 × 0,25 = 2

    • When calculating the Points of Fame K2 for the players to be the factor G calculated by the formula: [1,999,012] [1,999,021] [1,999,004] N1 = 3, N2 = 1
      G = 1 + (3 + 1/3) × 0,25 = 1 + 3 3 × 0,25 ≈ 1,8

      Thus, Points of Fame players K1 will be calculated using a ratio of G = 2 and K2 Points of Fame players will be calculated using a factor of 1.8.
      3 . Further objects of the third stage
      3.1. “Invasion”: clan that defeats the enemy, which owns three or more provinces, receives 10% more points of fame for the fight (in the formula for calculating Z = 1,1).
      3.3. With the first phase until the end of the third campaign players are available to perform the task of headers. Full list of rules and perform such tasks are given in General Regulations Third campaign.

      3.4. In addition, all along the campaign can perform secondary and special tasks, the list of which is also given in Regulations .

      Translated from Korean. http://worldoftanks.kr/ko/news/pc-browser/14/cw_3rd_camp_stage_iiii/
      tentative dates. With clear video on the main objectives can be found here.
      Artist Lektor44

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