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Release of World of Tanks Blitz API
2015-02-17 21:41:23 / News

We have good news for all you World of Tanks Blitz fanatics: We have released a public API service! With this service, you can get free access to diverse and useful information about the game and create richer Blitz-focused content.

What does it mean?

You’ll have more opportunities to create and develop:

Fan sites User statistics and various efficiency rating calculation services Interactive signatures for forums Independent statistics by vehicles And much more!

A popular fan resource is not only about providing interesting and useful information for players. Your website and services are an opportunity to gain popularity, respect and appreciation among the World of Tanks Blitz game audience!

Useful resources

To start, check out the following:

Documentation showing how to use API – Check and analyze all principles of interaction with the service. Access to API – After checking the documentation, put your concepts and ideas into practice.

We look forward to seeing what you create.


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