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In the CIS countries there are many museums and memorials that need restoration and who will be glad of any aid. To combine and coordinate the people who are passionate about history and remember the heroism of the people during the Great Patriotic War, the team of a global initiative “remember everything” created a special area called “keep the story together.” It’s located on kraudfandingovom resource planeta.ru .

Our first project will be to raise funds for the restoration of Lenin and Snegirёvskogo Military History Museum. This museum is located on the site of the most intense fighting on the outskirts of Moscow in winter 1941 – where the Red Army repelled the onslaught of Hitler’s troops, and then threw them to the west.

In October 2014 passed the preparatory stage of work, during which near the main entrance to the Lenin Museum Snegirёvsky tank were installed MS-1, one 82 mm and two 120 mm mortars, and one 122-mm Howitzer M-30.

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