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Hello everyone,

in 2014, Wargaming was involved in several large (and costly) historical initiatives on Russian and Belarusian territory (with notable exceptions). Here’s a video summary of the events from the Russian server (with English subtitles). These involve:

– restoring the Dornier 17 in Britain
– lifting the KV-1 from the bottom of a river
– looking for tank parts in swamps (“Tanks smell of mud”)
– restoration of a T-34
– re-painting the vehicles at the Central Museum of Armed Forces in Moscow
– restoring several museum collections
– various “veteran” events

Too bad these initiatives take place mostly in Russia only. For next year, Wargaming has prepared a program for large celebrations of 70th victory anniversary, but then… I have a bad feeling that the average Russians will have other things to think about with the way ruble is going.


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