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remember everything. Ten tournament among cadets

Competition on World of Tanks between cadets and cadets in museum computer classes become a tradition . This time kiberturnir in the Central Museum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was held on March 1 among pupils Cadet School № 1770 (Moscow Cadet Music Corps).

The school operates a project training students “Young Programmer FSB”: students are taught basic programming skills. Cadet school was a lot of fans World of Tanks, and science teacher Sergei Epifantsev spent the selection commands.

Originally planned to participate in the tournament four teams, but wishing there were more players and organizers went to meet him. As a result, the tournament was attended by seven teams: “Yellow torpedo”, “Black Guns”, “Ricochet,” “Jeff”, “MFISOFT», «G3» and «Junior Cat.”


Young participants cyber events while waiting for their turn actively rooting for the contestants. Sometimes it could be heard shouting and cheering and applause. In addition to competition, under the “remember everything. Lecture Hall “in this day in the museum held a lecture on military history Artem Drabkin and Vadim Antonov” Gen. Soviet soldiers. Infantry. “

As a result of the competition were distributed as follows:

I place – the team” MFISOFT “

I место — «МФИСОФТ»

II place – the team” Yellow torpedo “

II место — «Жёлтая торпеда»

III place – the team “Junior Cat”

III место — «Юниор Кэт»

Winners of the cadet school want to fight with cadets Golitsyn Frontier Institute of the FSB, which conducts professional orientation work and assists in the military-patriotic education of students of the Cadet Corps .

Interesting facts about the tournament

instead of four in the tournament was attended by seven teams. The tournament was extended for half an hour. The tournament lasted from 10:00 to 19:45 with a break for military history lecture.

In the tournament were involved volunteers who have taken part in actions “remember everything”, including restored military equipment. During the tournament, they helped in the overall organization, an awards ceremony, as well as answering questions cadets participating on the game.

Commentator competition was a volunteer Alex Baden. He worked without interruption 7 and a half hours.

among cadets participating was the young hero, Leo Galitsky, who two years ago had saved from drowning three-year child, for which he received a medal “For Bravery”.

This is not the first tournament, which was held in the computer lab of the Central Museum of the Armed Forces. Cadets and cadets previously fought for supremacy in the game World of Tanks .

Wargaming would like to thank the volunteers who helped in the organization of the tournament, as well as partner of the event – Company Tesoro.

Tesoro – American brand of gaming peripherals premium. Tesoro devices have a wide functional, comfortable design and high reliability – exactly as required by the rigors of modern computer games.

“remember everything” – a global initiative organized by Wargaming in late 2013 and aimed at promoting military-historical museums in the world in the preservation and restoration of the legendary military hardware. The program aims to revive interest in the history, to inspire young people to the study of the past of their countries and to preserve for future generations the unique historical monuments.

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