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Реплеи игры World Of Tanks уязвимы

When you start replays Game World Of Tanks on your computer can run arbitrary code

Friends, attention! Very important information!
Even in the CVG confirmed its . Today was published translated article Habré. Carefully read it!

The essence is this: leave only their replays, delete the rest and did not even start!

A couple of months ago I researched replays WoT and their format. I found that the way in which they store data packets allows easy to be able to execute arbitrary code . After a couple of days to improve code execution in replay to a good state, I was able to embed arbitrary code in an arbitrary replay. This code is executed immediately after the opening, and there is no way to stop him from the moment when the WoT-client began to play the replay.

As far as I know, any replay in 2014 affected by this vulnerability. Most likely, the earlier replays too vulnerable and not credible. As a proof of concept attach replay that opens the calculator window:
Thus, you should not run any replays before the official fixation of WG .


Before all this will turn into a support any claims WG, I want to mention that prior to this post, I did not tell them about the vulnerability. In fact, it is the employee WG Trezvor_WGA greatly helped me in bringing problems to the right people, they confirmed it and are already doing a fix.

Why am I not use bug tracker? In short – I just do not want to. This is not the first time I found a vulnerability, and the standard procedure of catching bugs practically does not work. Many of the companies that I informed manner about the vulnerabilities, did not do anything until the publication of vulnerabilities in the public domain.

I do not want to say that WG – one of those companies. First of all, I told them, but I want to warn the public to send a ticket, so they were careful. Not the best way to earn the respect of the company, but the most reliable way to quickly see the fix.

From the interpreter – as it post it on very busy resource on the theme of this project, it is probably already in use. So take care!

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