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– characteristics of shells for different tanks equally balance, such a characteristic such as a complete rotation of the shell in contact with the armor. Normalization of all the shells of the same type;
– wrong image of the Portuguese flag in the game correct;
– Output ELC AMX in HD-quality – KTTS;
– real combat vehicles IS-3 and materials for them to work, in order to enter the model HD-EC-3 in the game enough;
– in patch 0.9.7 will be more than 20 cars in HD-quality;
– in the American PT “T28” body will not change, first transferred to the bulk of HD, and then the body will take;
– housing will be tied to the chassis of the tank;
– TTX T34 review;
– At the test in EC-5 penetration more 210mm – 221mm;
– Every nation tanks in HD-quality color will;
– T-54 – this is an early version of the HD. Is outdated in quality. It will be refined. The right color – in new tanks: IS, MIS, IS-7 and so on.;
– No color no scheduled replacement, if there is a difference – it is a mistake of production;
– Tower E 100 is not nerf;
– Produce a couple of patches per year, alas, will not work on a bunch of different reasons;
– LBZ – not a crazy idea, the company WG until a different opinion. “Serious improvements require a lot of time on the development and testing. Therefore, they are so rare and so addictive. Work with content easier. But it does not mean that it does not need to work, right? “;
– Old nose body IS-3 was wrong;
– put into play a new renderer, as the effect of chromatic aberration does not plan to.
– Change the invite codes on a permanent bonus upon registration will not.
– The game window will appear Clan
– the training room for one player nebudet
– Plans to return the T-50-2 is not present

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