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Do you plan to do something with the “magnificent” Rule of 3 calibers? I think about the fact that the projectile after going on a tangent of the roof of the tower, must go to ricochet and not dive down, no need to tell?
Tell it to the players to shoot from the big guns on light tanks.

Uncle Misha, give its programmers look carefully game code. There is a suspicion that the desync and lag are due to energy saving features of the CPU and overclocking (EIST, C-States, Turbo Boost) on the client side. Namely, take a look of the code where the engine interacts with the system timer events. After patch 8.10 something broke.
While there is no evidence of any of these “ghost” lags are unlikely to do something.
What evidence do you need?
replay video.

PVE mode approximately when?
KTTS same.

Michael, when to expand the number of fighters and clan as a result will be ?
Do not know.

Uncle Misha, mask T-34-85 correct?

The mask is shifted to the left, to the right the crack. The position of the barrel relative to the center of the mask wrong – you need a little more to the right !!! In a game marked by red arrows cuts too deep.
Variants mask T-34-85 was so much that one photo there will not be enough.

will return whether the SU-76i as gifts for BRs, for example for some complex, I do not care, as time to buy, just like the owner of interesting (and whether in return ponerflennom form after the terrible experiments in SH?)?
It is not known.

Stalingrad tank shakes after hitting a minimum heap of rubbish, if there is no shock from the word altogether.
On the other cards is the same.

New physics in this he just did not give? This would correct the situation.
Just do not give.

Michael, Good day! There are several issues:
1. An ACS or nerf?
2. Comment plums with supertesta (in particular, AMX13 57) you will not?
3. Thread AMH30 will be 9.6 or later? Will the added sand French tanks (already zamodelennye and apparently awaiting alterations in HD), for example, G1R, G1L, S35, ACL 135, FCM 36?
4. You said that after Waffles not really want to introduce paper projects I hope I do not mistake, branch bezbarabannyh strands France will still be?
5. Easy American T92 approximately when?
1 – no.
2 – no.
3 – later. KTTS.
4 – meaning absolutely imaginary.
5 – in the plans for ’15 no.

Write new comments bug: model Booking M53 / 55

Excuse me, but it can not live up to 9.5 / mikropatcha …
It is already known. Fix.
In 0.9.8?
Troll? )))
What is the question, and the answer is a))

Played 8 more fights at Stalingrad – almost half of fights won / played to capture at what often come to grip even glows while downing come to no time, thanks debris and obstructions on the streets. Reds in battle then go on one flank, then another, and just try to guess where will damazhki stuff, and where not, but the story is fine – ignorance debit card can be.
IMHO, the map is too big for a 15×15. Maybe when randomness accustomed, will be better, but for now, seeing her on the boot screen, start spitting as the pass / Robins, never thought that someday I will say this about a city map.
FPS on it, by the way, in a half times lower than in the other, I do not rise above 40.
to dilute the negative: a beautiful and atmospheric map, then go in the right direction.
Played 10 fights in a row at Stalingrad. There has never been a victory grip.
Since I played 10 fights as you the map? If the answer is not too much trouble, of course =)
I unrepresentative. I like everything.

I basically like Stalingrad, but what this artificial bellhop? Why can not I pass between homes due indestructible pair of charred boards?

, Well passages inside courtyards just not needed.
a) interfere with anyone, even in driveways patios?
b) on screen obstructions interfere Directions not in yards – just stupid to have to do nefigovy detour to get to 10 meters ahead.
Have them draw additional graphics and map and without “heavy.”
And with “no yards” I agree.

Can You Come to the CU AT ships to discuss a very important topic with the players?
Just do not. I tanks 200% lacking.

What had caused the selection of countries for launching vedroidnoy version WoT Blitz?
Do not know. By developing the Blitz do not have any relationship.

Do not know how to before but Ob.416 always been so little profit / loss?
Same as the other machines of this level.

Probability of Stalingrad, Zadran again?
was not specified.

Upon meeting vododelami showed up in your office counter how many days without jambs, or already zeroed counter not?
Did not see.

Oh, I got the impression that the lag from rendering tank icons on the minimap is now even more. Yesterday in one battle icon moving RU 251 remained in place for about 10 seconds (during which time the tank had to travel almost a third card). Lag was so long that we are in teamspeak even asked the man rides his tank or if necessary.
What specifically about?
Just repeated in training 7/54 – icons of two tanks frozen for 30 seconds. During this time they have already managed to move to the other end of the card. At a time when they were drawn, it became a lot of fun.
Play tournaments very hard – at certain moments commander stupidly did not really know where are his tanks.
no replays?
Each second fight, so just go into battle, Michael.
output, is not observed.

Michael, good evening.
I have a fad – I collect your Tankzors. All premiums that I can buy – I buy. All premium kvazipremy I honestly worked in clan war – and the M60, superlёvu and T23. And I have a job. Which I do not have time to raise their heads – at least for now. You got me very upset. I came home from work began to read news favorite game and found that there is a new prize – and it is not. (I’m on evroservere this prem was selling less than four hours). You have insulted me very badly. Because now the battlefield there premoboyare that more nobles than I – but will blunt the case, not the will to win. You have deprived me joy ride once your Tanchiki. Here I sit and think – for the first time in the last three years – maybe I should in the future their free time to spend on other games?
PS I can accept if premium Tanchiki I will not get all were equal, the others were better. I can accept if premtank removed from the store in advance notice, and I have no free money now. But to buy the prem I have not had the slightest chance. And that’s what pisses me off.
Alas, nothing until I can help. Mistakes happen.

Trenches of Stalingrad on the map for what? Tank does not sink into them and why they are needed so, but he (the tank) may get stuck on a level place, where there are no obstacles …

Michael, What accounts for the lag minimap? (A marker on it move in jerks, or even hang). This is done in order to optimize?
Can a video or replay? We will investigate.

Michael wrote that 9.5 is scheduled to NG.

After remaking card “pass” teams play in unequal conditions . Since artileriya the northern spawn has a smaller area (useful) bombardment. Southern also left a wonderful place for arts. Will impeccably renovated “justice”?
check on the heat map.

Will resolved the issue by such oooooochen brightness varies greatly cards? Just after getting Ruinberga in fire at Stalingrad eyes begin vytekat.Minuty half get used to the new lighting that is not the gut.
to cancel “Ruinberg in the fire.”

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