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What do you think – everything is in order to armor in the game right now?
If not, why do you think? Where / with whom the situation is the worst? What should I do?
and provocative question: what% of shots at his level should “hold” armored tank?

How tight you thought about a decrease in the spread on the balancer + / -1 lvl?
abandon this for a long time.

Return variation 3, uncles Mich. Then, feeling useful and might of the tank will increase at the expense of Naguib IS-7 conventional ISA, for example)
But suffering and increase in contact to topam.

No need to completely give up. It should be the frequency of contact with the top and antitop make low. For short periods of fighting. Such an option being considered?

And forgot to ask … Uncle Misha, and you are at work once people hit?
Maximum – shouted. And then on Skype.

At least brought to tears?)
not. But it was all done.

more often like this:)
Do not know how. Antikonfliktny character. Even to the detriment of themselves.

There should be a comment about the fact that there are an infinite number of people, skillfully uses this to your “to the detriment of themselves,” but you already know this.
I try to pick up at the same time as the people around me and so affect their opinion, which minimizes the “damage” to quite acceptable values.

It is very difficult:)
It’s all almost unconsciously . Features of character. For me personally, no complications))

Well, in that case, I can only wish every success in the future: D
Thank you.

You confer with WG colleagues about the “role of armor in the game” or just decided we ask?
It has long been conferred.

A plan for 2015 approved? Maybe tell us about them? :)
In process. No.

You need to stop being lazy. To gather in one day all office department balancing and so. D., And start breaking through the balance in tanks and Goldie. Compare book at a level penetration guns, and watch someone who has to break through, and who should not. For example, if suddenly bands ever start tanking, it means that you need to cut them a break through, because Rola most bands due to damage. PT at high DPMe cut penetration, low, respectively increase. But not in all cases. For example at WZ-120 as well with all the breaks, and with dpmom (this is not a signal to nerf well, so fairly balanced so as not to penetrate when it is necessary, and fight and do damage when required).
Now the tanks are divided into “Tanks up to 2013” and “The tanks after 2013”. A few tanks that from the very beginning of the game and a little later (This later when Amero was a branch from Perche / Patton) have been changed to reflect the new input tanks. Introduced new tanks that had either abnormal PDM (all Soviet PT), or abnormally high damage (YahtPize, 268, etc.), or the wildest high penetration and more than excessive damage (branch vafentagerov and EF 183). Imby (compared to older tanks) are introduced, and after the nerf is not, or vice versa is not apayutsya old tanks. As a result, the current realities in the Mouse is not a tank, IS-7 does not shoot, Patton AWAY CT is not the best level (that 9 that the 10).
Just gather, take all the guns in one hand, armor to another, and look, bring in penetration rate to track the balance. This also applies to Golden. Because what’s the point in general as something to change something if there is Gold, which eliminates all this. You can not break through – Charge Golda – you get 95% chance to break.
Since theme of “on chat”, the question is: why M60 Patton’s best 48? And just do not have otmaz with “statistics show”, “Tank OK”. Practically and the parameters it better. Thank you.
P.S. And already start to play our game. Most of the questions to CA so stupid that it is not clear where they come from. If you have played in his own game, to ask anything not necessary.
zhzhesh as always …

And how do you always give a detailed and reasoned response, decent person who is engaged if not the most important part of the tanks, then just one. Thank you. Many issues have disappeared by themselves.
If you carefully read my answers, it should be understood that such statements as “zhzhesh as always” pronounced in response to only those things that for one reason or another can not be considered normal.
In your message too much:
– generalizations;
– incorrect installation;
– wrong conclusions from these plants;
– lack of understanding of development processes.
Due to the size of the message and the number of errors contained in it, writing a reasoned response (with the need to look in statistics, etc.) would take so much time that would come out far beyond the size of the survey.
And while you would still have remained in his opinion (based on his many years of experience with the players and the general tone of your posts), ie I would spend time in vain.
It is therefore easier and correct answers as you and I responded.

Okay, save 1 minute of your time, you could spend read the text above.
1) Armor approx.
2) Break is not ok.
3) Gold is not ok.
4) in comparison with M60 M46 is not ok. Why?
5) Balance not ok.
6) Department of balancing and do not know how this department calls himself calls it, but let’s call it “отдел_креатива_по_вводу_новых_танков,_созданных_на_бумаге” since 2012 not ok.
// poll aching CA held successfully, continue to rivet tanks in standard mode //
Well, ps, reading which takes you precious 20 seconds.
topic is called “NAPOBOLTAT” that as it suggests. If you are too lazy to read the text, which has a size of 1 minute read, then come up with a new tag, m?
And I’ll just suddenly grateful if you specify to what “error contained in it” is pulled from your hands uncovered VSEUKAZYVAYUSCHEY statistics. And why do you statistics for obvious things in general. And yes, I forgot. Your statistics and reality games have slightly different footing.
Yes is not difficult to read. That’s what I do.
It is difficult to answer so that you understand. In this case, without spending hours of time.
Once again you have not read that you have written.
On M48 – discussing. There are different opinions on the car, and by the fact that to do with it.

About serbogoldu been already?

And, by the way, I also join those who are puzzled by the responses “statistics show everything is OK,” at least some conclusions from previous discussions and in general about the need for just such discussions.
On the topic have something to say?

Make premiumnyh damage from projectiles less than the bb. And armor in the game will appear immediately.
Well Done all the same will take place, though less than, say 20-25%. What is the profit, if still be beat?

PDM goldostrela have decreased, it has the advantage of his opponent. An incentive to look for an opportunity to cause full damage to the main type of shells, and Golda are likely to be used as a last resort.
Alas, this is just a guess. But the whole idea of ​​the interesting. We are actively discussing inside.

Due to the constant introduction of new tanks with high breaks and increase the accuracy of the game turned into CS: absolutely no difference how many enemy armor. Either you easily vytselivat weak areas even at long range or in the blunt go out to him and shoot DPMu. After all, every new cardboard tank gets his head on the best performance in terms of tools, than slow armored box. Take IS4 and FV215b, Vaflyu9 (up to nerf) and YagTigr. A great example – Tortoyz armor which can only confuse the full Alexis, who does not know about the tower. Since he is still as it lives by DPMA. Let alone the possibility of top CT generally silent.
And it is quite the opposite example – KV-1. Imbali on your lvl. And all because classmates, and those who are below, is pretty mediocre penetration and accuracy. These performance characteristics are simply not enough for vytselivaniya. As a result, you can just go ahead and kill on the cd. Or an average example – T110E5. Armor, like the Mouse had not, but there is a rebound hull shape, mobility and perfect instrument, that is a bit of everything and without prejudice to any characteristic. As a result – and may in armor and damage.
What should I do? Firstly, enter the new operating system overview. Slow tanks will not breathe more towards positions of snipers in the bushes on the other half of the card. Second, the accuracy of the review. Nefig vytselivat hatches with hundreds of meters: either you’re moving closer or standing the whole fight, trying vytselivat. A couple of times, of course, will enter, but now lost. Third, HP. HP give the cacti, which can not in damage, but have the armor. Since their age-old problem – Fri. PT, which penetrate all too well, and that his transfer any CPs in the lungs. I think everyone faced with a situation where 268 left on your stupid Tipo armored tank, gave Splash, received in response to the crumbs and rolls back. Repeat until the profit.
You can certainly write more about Art, which with a high steeple spit on tsiferki armor (again, the problem is only at high levels, according to the same average KV1 art causes very little damage). I could write about the experience and for tanking (You should not, by the way, took off his glasses for tanking guslёy, it would give some profit). But it is not planned and KTTS.
Well, the problem itself is very pronounced at high lvlah: why take Mouse, if you can take 261, waffles or the T-62 and no steam on armor – just fill damage.
From all the above at the moment is only defined with precision. Will be slightly reduced, ie, will change the distribution of getting inside the circle. But about what I have said.

This is why again touch accuracy? Tanks and so 2 times kosee shoot than in reality. Just why? IMHO – if the accuracy Nerf – that separate tanks. I have 34K fights, you have 4k fights. From where you know that we, the players with over20k fights need? Angry you, Uncle Misha. And, sometimes, nilogichny 8 (
[1,999,005] in my room sits six people each with & gt; 20k fights. Does anyone have an interest.

I think we should continue on individual machines in the context of lvl in terms of balance. kvass and hellket – it’s good to stop and it is not necessary) A review system, the same range of drawing instead of the square, still tested? In the 1st quarter of 2015 will be?
And yet, about the new physics: it can give something positive in terms of balance, or you try to make only cosmetic changes to the gameplay?
Review System ran into implementation of the new version BW and therefore slightly behind plans. I hope that in the first half of 2015 in time. Physics will give better dynamics (lower loss rate) in the hills prigorochka, small obstacles and “twisting”. That could affect the balance.

Physics and Havok apparently lingered too long? Thanks for the replies and similar topics.
Physics for the same reason. First integrating new BW, then everything else. Otherwise may be lost under an avalanche of bugs. Havoc unfortunately floating in the FPS-e. Work.

& gt; We will slightly decrease, ie will change the distribution of getting inside the circle.
Well, why? Again returned to the hells that game, even when complete information on the minimum distance nothing is guaranteed? I distinctly remember the old ass burned accuracy. Vine for influence VBRa few uncles Mish, you want to add?
Well, it is not necessary to extremes to rush. Old accuracy in any case will not.

Michael, the issue of IP-7 why one of the oldest tanks in the game ever (except for max. Speed) is not apali? Make at least something with it, though, add a bit of dynamics or comfort firing increase. Maksimalku he gains only the hills on the Robin or northwest, the average rides + -30-40 km / h
If he is on the dynamics of both the CT, then why will need CT? Not apaem since so statistics are more or less in order.

Looking around at About. 260, many laughs with this komenta.
About 260 quietly making its way to the middle of the tower.

made already, please distinguish areas hit by damage. In hatches less, more housing. Or explain the fingers, what is bad? Plus the difference in damage podkalibera / godfather / bb. Finish mechanics hash. And so on.
Just do not say that “it’s too hard to understand.” And so a barrier to entry to the game made for autism. Do before the end of its “easy to play, hard to win” …
Or, for example, to count through a specially contrived correlation formula weight armor in tonnah- number x. To me, if we sew everything Golda, do it longer …
What does “finish mechanics hash”?
Well, actually – is that we now have a hash – on his mechanics rather betonoboynymi shell a thread ML-20.
Hash nor pierced the armor. A weakened it. And the more kgol ​​hit – the stronger the effect rasplёskivalos hash and the larger the area of ​​the weakened armor angle hashes efficiently.
at a certain angle. From 30 to 70 degrees on average gave max efficiency. The mechanics of real shell I know. It is not clear how to do it in the game so that it is not imboy and thus that there was a non-trivial to use it.

depending on the slope, possibly different mechanical fragmentation in the game (their number, the depth of penetration, strength, etc.), not just the existing RP with zaapanym breakdown. And what about the rest, if not difficult?
Other damage to different modules – complicates the understanding of what is happening in the battle.
Example: the silhouette shot at a distance of 500 meters and getting smaller damage “out of the blue.” No positive it will not add to the game.
The difference in damage podkalibera / BB makes sense, but this solution has its disadvantages monetization and worsening perception of the game for a certain part of Central Asia.

What do you think – if everything is OK with the armor in the game at the moment? – No, if Golda rare exceptions should be considered only CP and DP.
If not, why do you think? Where / with whom the situation is the worst? What should I do?
On a slow machine before “go” at the expense of armor.
What do not like:
– Reducing distances with increasing accuracy. The winners – the drummers on the Gold, and of a “alfachi”
– New precision.
– Serbogolda – yes, I use it myself (very active). But it is much okazualivaet game. Why do something vytselivat when you can charge and sew 95% of the targets in the silhouette?
– Fabulous guns with battened breaks and no less fabulous devices for which it is established
and provocative question: what% of shots at his level should ” hold “armored tank?
30 percent of” just shoot “from 200-300 meters. Performed correctly – 70-80 percent.
By the way, at the choice of shells. Do not try to make more variations of “Gold”?
Make basic peaked disc without the bolt and conventional bomb.
And Gold “turn around”, for example:
– podkalibery – less damage to HP, but more on the modules – cumulative – again less damage, but suffered greatly crew
– Kamorny BB – just more damage
– slow-witted BB – above stabilization
– Thin-bombs – more damage with less penetration, those “death cardboard”
– hash – and remake considered not as an ordinary bomb, but as a “cone”
– other exotics.
If it is difficult to alter the interface, then do one kind of “default” and the rest through a “menu button “. As a result, the output of silver is still there, and possibly more active. Anyone who has mastered not buy BC default rides with what he wants.
You do not like the answer.
Too difficult it will be for the majority of players.

your “bulk” is still just shoot comes. For them, as well nifiga not change. The tank will go and pew-pew as before. For them anyway what type of “potronov” and with what result, and for tens of thousands of other players are different applications.
Tell me. What audience you expect in the 2010th? What makes it difficult to navigate at the same amount after 5 years? It will be much more valuable than KTTS-tion “hayend content.” Think about it, please.
usually normal people. Not a lot of gamers.

HZ, like in comparison with the bulk of gamers recorded in ponyushni rash … And in THAT I go less and mood, but in any elfyatnikah like Vova all times more complex and because cope (although he did not play).
I do not know what the difficulty to read guide / HELP or see normal waters in which explains the features of mechanics if the product is interested. While proximity to the HDI (within reason) is just to facilitate the understanding of what is happening.

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