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Finally some mini-map. But no community survey?

Soviet Tank Destroyers 8 level ISU-130. Prem PT?

Where a firefly?
Even in the setting.

He did PT or PT will ?

Incidentally, if the mini-map will not add following review and draw a square, then it can not be administered.
not added.

Signatures on the mini-map is better optimized than xvm?
There must be.

Fayrflaya this year will not be.

STOP, and nerf review? It seems the same in 9.5 or?
Strong later. Nobody promised 9.5. While experiments go.

I just used to play with the default interface potatoes and I again, these changes have forced me without asking’ll slip.
can be switched off in the settings.

Panther 88 release is? What’s on 4202, soon replaced?
There is.

Panther 88 and 10 will be to throw?
Yes I Am. Long discussion, we decided to leave.

Fixed some uneven terrain maps: “Fisherman’s Cove”, “Pass”, “Vindstorm.”
Operation hair iron started? – Fixed some game problems on the map “Stalingrad”.
The only problem cards are considered a surplus of embankments, closing dates driveways / backache. And what is the essence of the patch – is not clear. Only fit on the minimap. We should have another CT IBZ they start to get tokens mechanic / crew check. Otherwise, again come out bugs and micro-patches have to be treated.
Several mounds remove.
There will be more IBZ, but test them yet.

Uncle Misha, when he wait …
– IS-3 in HD;
– Kartofelium physicum;
– Kartofelium Zvukium?
KTTS same.

& gt; Removed from the game card “Severogorsk.”
Uncle Misha, and chёy, she suddenly? Imbalance rep, or just a lot of negativity strongly on the map?
Map unsuccessful. Will gradually remove those.

Hidden Village and sacred valley are included in this list? So would the sacred valley was the norm, but because of the presence of arts in almost every battle most of the card becomes useless.
List as such yet. In the process of formation.

Looked kolizhn model Hetzer 9.4 – what’s wrong with her? No errors found.
There is some stuff.

A hole in the model T-55 pofiksili?
I do not know. For each machine dozens of improvements / fixes are.

Without square minimap do not rub! And Severogorsk exactly the same as Lasvill or Monastery, for example. What is the meaning of his clean? Where there FAILED?
In the game of cards, and so not a lot, but also clean and clones failed cards are added.
40 cards in the game – a lot. Feel free to pieces 10 can be cut, will only get better.

Less diversity – is better?
Do you think players like to play the Khimki Ruinberge Prokhorivka 2 times more often? Well chesslovo strange logic you. Why then unnecessary branches tanks or separate tanks are not removed? And the square on the mini-map add this pancake is one of the pillars of gameplay.
Less – diversity – it is easier to play.
This is important.
Well, frankly delete plan “bad” cards.
A square, hope will die in the near KTTS and paint will not need it.

With the abolition of the square and draw replacing it with a circle many cards will be played on another, if any, will remain playable. On it is a thought?
Yes. Suddenly even ran tests on all the cards to test this theory.
While the worst things not found.

criteria “badness” is not voiced? Here Prokhorovka – totally unsuitable for active play at a slow technique, absolutely light-sensitive UVN Arto-card with bad design, forcing polkomandy play without affecting in any way the fight completely. And you copy it. Why?
Severogorsk it allows you to play on any archetypes art without problems, there is a place and fast and slow, and cardboard, and armored, and arte.
A square, hope will die in the near KTTS and do not need to draw it will be.
Good News komrad zheneral!
Copy for the “atmospherics”. Prokhorovka – a “brand” in practice.
Well, the probability decreased by 2 times, so that the more it was not in the game.
Severogorsk on the heat map shows very dull picture. More I can not tell.

In a patch to reduce? Nowhere did not write! If the frequency of loss of card 1, the frequency of the double loss of 0.5 and 0.5 cards for each version? If it is true – thank you very much. As if Prokhorovka does not show in the alley, lol. Brand, ehh … well, maybe even dug up someday.
9.3 yet.

And the bug is not fixed a learning!
Fixed a.

Just went on the Twinkie about training – got out.
Once climbs when approaching the ACC. Then everything is OK.

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