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Went to 3 test looked LIBZ, nothing has changed. To launch will change? And here it is necessary to modify the job. Although the bug, though as it is called job libzovskie. Particularly absurd task – to shoot 4 times more damage than 2nd place on damage. Purely bogus fights here. Yes, a lot of jobs, which is already there. Even platoons left binding.
Some jobs will be processed. Platoons remain.

“Mittengard” then that’s a terrible run?
What exactly do you mean?

The distance between the bases of 300-350 meters. Actually begins with the glare of spawn for both teams immediately after the start of the battle of the first level. If fill Medium 1, then the machine will immediately blown out, whether it was or not, for example. Then – on the 3rd level of the minimum viewing distance from the PT-ACS 350 meters and the maximum is 400 meters. That is, will immediately glare of pre-combat since the end of the reference. You have time to boot up, and went there, whether traveling on FCMpak40 – all this does not matter, you just shot. All this can be easily seen in the general test.
Congestive card for this game is even Province with the first level, because the secretive movement and detours already there are not possible. May postpone the entry so closely maps to bring the review within acceptable limits?
This is a map for the first and second levels, where they will play without tolerance there experienced players.

& gt; without tolerance there experienced players.
Or you radically sawn balancer, or any Pedobir 1-2 lvl will have the same chance of getting as nyufanya.
There will be additional restrictions in the balancer .

Pedobira is the biggest problem in the game?

Hopefully profile topic LIBZ also read the developers. And then there is life examples sometimes appear, what will happen when you enter these libzov. If no change in the principles of drawing tasks.
Assignments badly affecting the gameplay will be corrected.

A to the input will be a new listing or a few that you can gaze look? To fix in time, if that.
Just can not say.

Do I understand correctly that with the release of 0.9.5 we will see the final task without the possibility of further amendments? No. In 9.5 when leaving they will be disconnected. And will be included after the NG. And there they will already be in the final form.

Uncle Misha, you can question, I think for all residents of the Russian Federation, due sanctions from Europe and the United States do not plan to change the exchange rate of the dollar in rubles? Price outside.
Alas, I am on the subject did not have any information.

And what is your personal opinion? As far as I know, for the money you buy in-game items or centralized supply and the dollar does not matter to you?
My opinion – a complex question. The second question is not understood.

There are techniques have no complaints. There are claims to optimization. Many times written about mikrofrizy, pull is enough picture. It periodically wanders on through patches 9.0 times since I play on minimum salary without mods. On the internet I have no problems.
In the second general test version 9.5 of these problems as it showed itself in a special way?

Uncle Misha, now everything is so worried about the IBZ, since the job very, well, very complex, and Tanchiki want! So you tell us how normal potsanam whether a big surprise, as the favorite players WoT or potatoes for many severe that even a tank 2 lvl 1-2 times a year – too much?
What specific issues and what relationship He is the second general test version 9.5?

Michael, it is not about the test. Performance: System 4690K + 980GTX (everything else matches) issue no more than 60 fps is almost always. At this load the GPU rarely beyond 50%, and from any CPU 4 cores – not higher 70%. It’s OK? The same situation exists on another system (2300H, raskochegarenny to 3,4 + R9 290). That is the game in anything other than its unknown restrictions, without rests.
Alas, I can not say.

Sorry. Just can not understand why the unknown bottlenecks only for tanks, and other games – not.
A lot of things are not optimized. Now we are actively working just to eliminate bottlenecks.

And there is at least what some predictions about how much it will increase productivity?

Evili told that WG is developing a “light” client for weak computers. So the question is: When? Or should we wait for him as hevoka?
Let’s topic. Wait KTTS, accurate data yet.

Why Brit Fri 5, 6, 7 lvl same gun? Because of historicity?
Another suitable was found.

step on the same rake as XVM, when writing first appeared. Lettering on top of icons are drawn, blocking them. When the batch, it is better to have all the icons on top of the label. Icons are primary, secondary labels. The screenshot above is also seen.
Icons on top labels degrade the performance of the card. Refused to forced reasons.

On 3 test card has become even worse, really so difficult to copy XVM? It should be rolled back to the second test, and just pick a lighter shade of red team
In like. What exactly do not you like? Options XVM – tyschschi different. What exactly copy?

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