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What do you think – everything is in order to armor in the game right now?
If not, why do you think? Where / with whom the situation is the worst? What should I do?
and provocative question: what% of shots at his level should “hold” armored tank?

armor tragic situation. It does not exist. In Mouse worst. Apnut armor. Should hold 99%.
99% – seriously?

No, of course. Feels like today it breaks every second shot. If you recall a time when he felt really strongly armored vehicle, then punched him about every four or five shot. It was normal to withstand 25-35 hits in mixed (8-9-10) setups. Now it happens that all hit – breaking. This is all from memory and feelings. But I’m sure there are SH objective statistics on the average percentage of aged shots in each patch.
Details only 9.3.

“And the provocative question: what% of shots on his level must “hold” armored tank? “
They, interest, should be different. Tanks must be made of cardboard, but shooting and / or riding fast. Should be reinforced sloupoki. In any case, the recommendation is that the tanks must be so balanced that the number of trips per week in each tank on a server was about the same.
The question was just about armored vehicles.

Question about Mouse. Do you think his armored, leaving a weakened NBL and fenders. At the same time sewing up the forehead and the NLD sneaker.
Mouse was in the gland. Hence his book.

Isaiah 7-iron was what? The fact that you have in the game, “hence his book”?
There is evidence unhistorical booking IS-7 in the game?

Evidence provided to you guys (enthusiasts) who went to measure IP -7 in Kubinka, and then you changed. You have forgotten about it? Now: there is evidence of a gun in AZ-70. Where automatic loader in the IS-7? Armor type: cast and rolled. Where litho-rolled armor ?! Where 60 km? You have to slide it hardly goes 60 km / h. You electoral historicity, if you profitable, then nIistarichnA. No?
Types of armor in the game do not count for all tanks. The question was about the booking.

Limit BC Gold and armor will be the norm. Everyone will be to decide when it is best to charge the Gold, to get a profit.
% use Golda is not so high. Even if you give 5 shells in BC, it besides Mouse will not be easier. Year “merge” it will be in it.

“% use Golda is not so high,” But the percentage of Golda use against armored enemies still grew. You consider the selectivity, and not just those who can not do not want to switch BC in battle and firing on all Golden.
I wrote about it))

% use Golda dolzhet be about 5 percent. Gold should be used in extreme cases and not as it is now. The only reason why you do not limit it, reducing Donato, but that’s another conversation. Or am I wrong?
Not only, but an important one.

Yes, but here I am at the moment in almost every battle on the 220th of its use) This is considered almost a week on 15-20 fights per day. Gold did not really use increased. Misha, well, do not joke like that.
“Golda use did not increase.” Where am I writing this?

Almost all players (mean levels 8+) met a goal that can not penetrate the silver switch to Golden. Consequence – the armor in the game there. (There really is only tapkolva when viewed strictly in the forehead). I would be glad if the IP-6 and KV-5 kept half shots from single-level tank.

Hold half shots Golda? Something is doubtful.
It was not about Golden. Of IP-6, by the way, bounce more often than no penetration.

MWC !!!!!!! Breaks all. Standing straight, the lower punch broneliste, get up in the diamond-through rink (and even punched his RT). Particularly pleased when the board flies from all wafers under the wildest corner. About tower I generally keep quiet. A rather strange situation, a tank with a top speed of 20 km, without guns, which shyut almost everything. Why are you afraid of his apnut Michael, he will stoop? That is, any input PV and waffles for you requirements and apnut tank that is no longer bends 3 years, it’s terrible how to break the balance. It rolls now 3.5 nemtsefila. Can not we just go and apnut it? What’s the problem?
He stat one of the best at.

Because suddenly, the Cubs did not shake, so on it and become better.
Charts distribution% victories skill players, we also have.

If he really bent, this would not be a negative, then there is still the problem?
There are public opinion a bit does not coincide with reality. This often happens.

You have to Arta, PT, RT and maps – stat is the best. Michael idea as you: to sit on the Mouse and play 10 fights in a row, on streamers. You will not need this topic, you will understand why. Just play your product.
This theme is not to “understand everything.” This topic is to understand what they think certain specific group of players. And nothing more.

armor in the game enough and it is nothing to do. Nagging due Golde present only for determining the mode of the projectile. It would not be – Vine in this regard would be several times smaller. Bronelisty irritate some, such as the roof of the tower IS4.
In Soviet STshkah I’m not afraid to climb the tower, because to break even Golda very difficult (in fact it is necessary to get to the right place). But as combating Golda value can be increased 5 times, for example. Over time, Golda shoot will be in exceptional cases, as fly to 100-200K minus every fight is not very OK.
Maud, by the way, pruning.

I just ponoyu extensively about the “grass is greener and brighter than the sun.” Nagging mode is enabled. Now there is no armor. At all. Nowhere. And Goldie’s not my fault. The mechanics have changed the value of penetration guns, change the map and distance combat. I do not know what the maximum impact. I wonder what was the average penetration in the hospital during the time of 07h / 08h and now, for the eights, for example?
But I want to return to the days when the IS-4 (9 levla) in the top could stand up to the stern of the enemy in the middle of the field and earn draw. Or at least, when the E100 board could ottankovat entire enemy team without harm to themselves and T-127 alone tore half the team with one only scratches the armor (not yet met catfish or PT-4). * Wept *
And even better times when Marder bottom of the list of cuts made across the enemy team without a single glare, and the platoon had a 95% win rate, but this is not about armor and just breaks my heart PTshnika (the former, because my inner PTshnik died after entering the second branch of PT Germans who waited two years). * Wept *
So for an armored tank in the resetting and skillful rukah- 90% of the shots “hold”, I think. * Immerse yourself in the memories quietly sobbing *
“when the IS-4 (9 levla) in the top could stand up to the stern of the enemy in the middle of the field and earn a draw”
ie this type of standards?

Uncle Misha, play our game, eh?
What does this have to do with the question I asked?
most direct. You at least two years asking about the same questions and get about the same answer, “a certain group of players” (c) are obvious. And things are there. Here and there is a feeling that if this does not come – maybe you make yourself?
The purpose of these surveys – not to find out whether there is a problem and what to do and know the opinion of the players (more precisely defined group of players) that is there problem or not. It’s a little different. Unfortunately, most do not understand. And you including not understand.

Incidentally, Uncle Misha – have you got there in the list of ToDo entry T-35 soon?
In 2015, the plans do not.

In my opinion, should be done so that the armor penetration distance fell to a greater extent than it is now. Ie conditional: in real breakout on 100 1000 2000 meters, the game 100 200 400. You want to punch confidently approach each other, so to speak, go vigorous tank … It Well like the way it is. The breaking falls more than the HDI. 4 patch back sort of like doing it.
No. Do not touch. At the lower and middle Level will be bad in many places on this.

Michael, and the meaning of your question, if you are feeling the players (or do you really think that a lot of ordinary players collect their own statistics penetrations?) Answer statistics supposedly fit into the norm? If all the “normal”, the “because what actually?” (C)
You probably did not read my answers.

“% use Golda is not so high.”
“Even if you give 5 shells in BC then the same Mouse will not be easier. Gold “merge” it will be in it. “
” Hold. “
” It was not about the Golden. “
” On the IP-6, by the way, bounce more often than no penetration. “
” In He stat one of the best on the level. “
” There are public opinion, a little bit does not coincide with reality. This often happens. “
Actually last vividly illustrates.
I’m telling you – carefully.
There are specific answers to specific questions.
no excuses, and answers.
In the first case, to talk about what Golda limit in BC is not correct the situation, because still limited goldovy BC will be disposed of on the priority goals and these goals will not be easier.
In the second talk about what good would happen if the KV-5 and IP-6 to keep a certain% of hits. I replied that hold, because I know about the statistics of these tanks.
Then there was the question about the fact that “hold Golda?” To which the answer was no, not Golden, and all the shells and that IP-6 in the main number is no penetration bounce.
Then there was the question about the mouse, and yes, indeed, he has a very good statitsika on key indicators. Even taking into account the distribution of% victories skill players.
And yes. Public opinion does not always coincide with reality. As in the game and in real life. Examples of complete – look at least to Ukraine on both sides of the conflict.
So again – carefully read what you write.

Uncle Misha, you’re probably already conferred on this occasion. Can you tell us about:
1) Damage Reduction for serbogoldy: even from the point of view of mechanics piercing projectiles had a lower number of explosive at a reasonably good increase in armor penetration. Surely with cumulative something you can think of.
2) Increase in the price of the shells. Players will no longer spend shells, and even if there are only ones – they will have to change for the award, which will reduce the number of such players in the battle for a while. Take the example of the same T71 / Bulldog and their cumulative drum – to 50k for 6 rounds with a ridiculous damage.
Both in its reasonable. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Monetization, the mass ratio of players, etc. But finally they have not rejected.

If our opinion is based on erroneous assumptions, that goes in the game everything is fine, then why did the poll?
“What should I do?”
And You already have some possible scenarios for action to improve or change the situation with the armor in general and in particular for the “bronelobyh” machines?
I wrote about a specific review of a particular person, and not about “your opinion” . Again generalize. This is probably the most common mistake.
Script bulk. The main thing to prove that a problem exists.
are actively working with statistics at this point to clarify this issue.

Michael, you forgot to mention the boundary condition is not reduced income from buying Gold, hehe
Well, it’s inside, we’ll consider. Here it is interesting to clear opinion of the players apart from monetization and game design.

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