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Taking pictures XP in a collision with an ally at the minimum speed bug or “feature”?
Bug. Fix.

What happened to the server sight, it is now such a “feature” or, still, the bug and we can hope for his speedy recovery?
Bug. Fix.
Please tell me – Fix. Output 0.9.5 patch still’m not coming soon …
Guarantee will not, but we will try.

Uncle Misha, already 4 patch can not fix it. Caterpillars fail standard hangar, but not all machines, but only some. It looks awful.


Yes. There is. Fix.

Strange bug after the upgrade. At £ 75, on the gun “10,5cm Kw.K. L / 68” is automatically switched to buying premiumnyh shells with silver on gold. As a result, 48 zolotishka gone after the fight. A little surprised. Please correct it.
to check.

Michael, another situation. While waiting for the battle on the global map in the chat window of this writing some unknown players, as it turned out, the enemy clan. We also heard them talking, obviously through the in-game communication. Is repeated several times. This update bug?

Michael, what happened to the SU-76i?
Removed from sale.

How could this PT at all to sell? How much she was superteste? Department balancing quite “crazy”?
That’s it.
as much as the other machines.

That is, it is normal that balancers could not otbalansit tank that was more than a year on superteste? There the mere sight of TTX shows that this imbalanced, so she still fights and level cut. I understand the problem you do not see this?
No need to write about what you do not know. Nor was he superteste year. Tests as well as other machines. But our school is. Moreover, not only balancing. We understand now.

Can the balancing characteristics? Or you do not touch the prem?
can not say anything.

And she has a chance to return to the free market?
Do not know ((all the blame at DevCon decision on the car will take the next week.

It is clear that this can not, but before you even do not lose face! Quiet vkinuli the store, surreptitiously removed. Always earlier warned players: this tank will be displayed from sale after n days.
Previously these cases were not.

This may or may not be, but remembering the same type as the KV-5, promotional type-62 spersh, was not expecting this: (
Decided to act quickly before the “fire” is not common.

Do you know whether the price reduction on the purchase of goods for gaming py region? And so if the ruble will continue to fall, the 112 will cost 3000 rubles will be that you will agree, a bit too much.
Alas, it is not up to date. It is not my area of ​​responsibility.

Michael, well, when already fixed effect jackdaws “Fast Leveling crew.” Planted on a new tank crew retrain for loans commander proficiency main specialty is 90%, the rest at 92-93%. So, set daw accelerates learning useless radio operator only because of the fact that the 4th perk at 63%, not like the other 65%. Correct to first accelerate learning basic specialty.

And it is normal that in klanchate GK (World War II) and now rivals planting can write?
No. Bug – a candidate for inclusion in mikropatch.

In release 9.4 – new bug: black artifacts. The test was not.
Known issue. Corrected as soon as possible.

Uncle Misha, but you do to camouflage what some have attitude? And here people negadue))) If you have, answer the question – how will Camo airplanes when realties nag?
Can affect. Plans to change Kamo no not yet.

Hail Michael, I’ve been honored patchnout, about M103 fix anything.
Well never ruled anything.

New KB did not like. Why would break something that works well, is unclear. Really so little shake bulldogs? While the old will not return – in KB or foot.
not right ((

Why not make different “weight categories” for CB? Eg 7/35 (for example), 7/42, 7/54, and so on. d.? I would love to play at lvl 5-6.
Blur queue. Long wait.

You said that the referral the system will be in 9.4 will mikropatch with the introduction of this system? In November or deadlines not call?
Will mikropatch. Terms not name.

One of you said that soon srezhut SU -122-44 level fights … This thing is more powerful than all his brethren pumpable, and in the end it still going apat …
No one will do it apat.

  1. Uncle Misha, please do not lower the backlighting, as now, but from above. It will be better, just saying.


  1. Remove from display please awards medals Brezhnev . I am ashamed for them, plus, I have a much more sophisticated in getting medals that would have looked a lot better than these there.


  1. Waiting for processing interface BZ.

Well, according to tradition …
– On. 260 KB to be on NG? If yes, what would be so difficult BZ?
– 0.9.5 wait for something broader?
– From HD to 0.9.5 finally abandoned?

1 – no.
2 – no.
3 – will not be processed. will rework.
– no.
– a larger than 9.4 – yes.
– yes.

“Processing will not. will rework. “ Two columns – not very convenient, as for me. Eyes run. Do their khat is not planned?
Do not know. Not specified.

Sorry, just now rereading realized that asked the question correctly … Meant to IBZ 260 in 0.9.5 will be?

Em .. and what to practice: new map – increased chance of dropping out, refused? For ~ 40 battles yesterday fell only 1 time.
improve Practice Drop card only on the general test is present.

Small icons on the minimap … It is not the first time this is done, Why?
In the second. Belated edit the bug after all used to it.

here you dug Murovanka why?
In version 9.4 Murovanka nobody touched.

As there is a discussion comparing the characteristics ftsm preferential and non-preferential pantery88? How’s radio operator with a light bulb on the KV-5?
Panther was very ok.
Also as before.

About the map Stalingrad. Uninformative, neproezzhaemye courtyards there are marked and debris across streets that can not be overcome – no. Panther OK, and ftsm?
A fcm also very ok. About minimap agree, we should govern.

There was a glitch with combat training, offered 4 times to pass it, the client is clean without mods.
This is a glitch on our side:) Yes. There is a bug. Once for each new server will ask.

wrote above that the small icons on the minimap. If it is not from mods effect curves – then this is the wild Faile this patch.
Do not have time to fix.

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