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By the sounds do the following:
– Loosen filter deafening shot in the tower;
– apnuli muffled clang of metal layer after firing;
– overruled volume levels;
– little effort sounds great caliber.

Why did not you update more extensive? Would wait for the new year and charged the super – duper!
for the new year and will be.

Then why do polupatchi?
Why polupatch? The new map, premtanki for testing to a NG release optimization noticeable, the new version of SD. In patch many things that do not need to delay.

Is there a new pack of tanks with no burning transmission?
It is possible.

Why new tanks for casual players have not added? In the third test, they will be?
What is it?
About tanks Panther mit 8,8 cm L / 71, M56 Scorpion, Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. D, «Object 260″ T-55 NVA DDR, T28 concept, StuG IV.
Well, they supertesterov for now.

map, I suppose, as always, with a standard drop rate?
With increased.

Uncle Misha, voprosets important: will throw prempanteru 8.8 to 10 or not?
A Panther 2 as now lives with the same gun, and all the rest? Will.

There FCM 50 t, with better mobility, a similar review of similar armor and better guns, but it has a reduced level of combat against the background of this very FCM – Your Panther may only need to pump crew for CT, but not to farm.
About the FCM, by the way, the real argument.

contrived in about radioman KV-5 in connection with the transfer bulbs this sufferer?
How to get rerealizatsii bulbs – thought so. Now the balance occupied by new tanks on 9.5 – they are many.
B 9.5 rework tanks in HD will not.
Only new tanks: British branch (by the way, top nevertheless decided to do) + bonus and spetstanki.
Anyway, the parameters for the test. Let’s see what and how.

Topom will FV 4002 Stage 2?

Bring back the sounds that were on the test 9.1 Well, the hat is now, well!)
There’s a difference only on top-end caliber 150. +

But this is not enough, Uncle Misha? It’s notorious high end content.
Not sure. Why not compare the sound to the other calibers?

And so difficult to return to the sounds of the caliber of senior test 0.9.1?

Michael the sound of the question is. Doppler effects are not implemented for fly-bys? Will be in the future?
Like a few patches ago did. But just do not tell.

map Stalingrad. There is no Pass yards.
Map and so large and complex. The largest of the city, given the density of development. The yards will mercilessly blunt and confused.

Michael, interested in the question – but as there is faring PT Prem new book 1/1/1? There is LOTS of fans are not watching, and Pruszcz blankly at rep … How many times have crashed (or who drove me) always subtracted from 6 to 10 HP. And here is how?
Yes. From rams will suffer.

Is there any chance that Havoc is ready to NG?
Chances are, but there are no guarantees.

Stalingrad did not hit Apparently, millions of dollars to develop an increased probability of hitting on a test card is still not allocated.
There are likely to be increased 6 times.

Tell me, please, do not preferential prema to Example Tiger with 132 penetration and cardboard STA-2, or a tradition of reason still prevails make them a preferential rate of fights?
And that – already have information about the level of fighting these tanks?

And what do Britons topom be?

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