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Ответы разработчиков World of Tanks

Answers developers WoT 0.9.3 / 3

Evilly about bread:

  • World of Warships project completes the trilogy of Star Wars Empire Lucas;
  • at the WG has a number of projects that have not yet publicized. In place of the “trilogy” comes brotherhood “well”;
  • the maximum number of players, about 1.2 million. Online was recorded in January 2014;
  • had a number of technical problems in the update 0.9.0 that some time corrected, CA now after the summer returns;
  • will soon start the third campaign, where the main prize will be a tank facility 907. considering the possibility “it”
  • decision on the choice of one of three tanks, that is, the two played out in previous campaigns M60, VK7201 and object 907 will be the choice;
  • fortifications finalized with the addition of new functions, properties and qualities. Only it is not clear whether it is necessary or not players;
  • for a randomly players updating World Tanks 0.9.5 will be individual combat tasks with individual prizes;
  • individual combat tasks will be more complex with more prizes and awards;
  • more attention in the next year will be paid to the development of a randomly just fighting;
  • FV4202 changes this year will not be carried over to the I quarter of 2015;
  • for the opportunity to receive a premium FV4202, the more likely it will be the task of fighting for the owners of this tank;
  • will be changed FV215b, will be replaced by a prototype chiftek tank;
  • at the end this year, early next planned addition of German medium tank of premium Level 8 , then the Soviet and Japanese;
  • issue their own feature film WG has no plans;
  • already roaming implemented, it is used by WG employees within the company, plans to give players a roaming yet, you need to decide how to monetize it, how to develop, how to get players to pay for it;
  • company Wargaming in the film “Fury” has acted as a main information partner;
  • speaking players stronger foreign cyber-sports results evident that the Russian and Ukrainian teams dominate;
  • punishment for violators – “podpirateley”, “ezdunov”, “leavers” still in development. And be sure to check ezdunam traffic rules, learn some SDA 2015 tickets online and take the exam online, such as online pdd24.com;
  • WG developers follow the development of the projects rivals WT, AW.

Storm on the test server WoT 0.9.4

By the sounds do the following:
– Loosen filter deafening shot in the tower;
– apnuli muffled clang of metal layer after firing;
– overruled volume levels; – little effort sounds great caliber.

– Why did not you update more extensive? Would wait for the new year and charged the super – duper!
for the new year and will be.

– Then why do polupatchi?
Why polupatch? The new map, premtanki for testing to a NG release optimization noticeable, fortified the new version. In patch many things that do not need to delay.

– Is there a new pack of tanks with no burning transmission?
It is possible.

– Why the new tanks for casual players have not added? In the third test, they will be?
What is it?

– About tanks Panther mit 8,8 cm L / 71, M56 Scorpion, Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. D, «Object 260″ T-55 NVA DDR, T28 concept, StuG IV.
Well, they supertesterov for now.

– Map, I suppose, as always, with standard drop rate?
With increased, will fall very often.

– Uncle Misha, important voprosets: prempanteru 8.8 will throw a 10 or not?
A Panther 2 as now lives with the same gun, and all the rest? Will.

– There FCM 50 t, with better mobility, a similar review of similar armor and better guns, but it has a reduced level of combat against the background of this very FCM – Your Panther may only need to pump crews for CT, but not to farm.
About the FCM, by the way, the real argument.

– contrived in about radioman KV-5 in connection with the transmission of light bulbs that the sufferer?
How to get to the bulb rerealizatsii – thought so. Now occupied by the balance on the new tanks
9.5 – they are many.

B 9.5 rework tanks in HD will not.
Only new tanks: British branch (by the way, the top still decide to do) + bonus and spetstanki.
All the same, the parameters for the test. Let’s see what and how.

– Topom will FV 4002 Stage 2?

– Bring back the sounds of what was on the test 9.1, well, the same hat now, well!)
There’s a difference only on top-end caliber 150. +

– A little of this, Uncle Misha? It’s notorious high end content.
Not sure. Why not compare the sound to the other calibers?

– And so difficult to return to the sounds of the caliber of senior test 0.9.1?

– Michael, the sound issue is. Doppler effects are not implemented for fly-bys? Will be in the future?
Like a few patches ago did. But just do not tell.

– map Stalingrad . There is no Pass yards.
Map and so large and complex. The largest of the city, given the density of development. The yards will mercilessly blunt and confused.

– Michael, interested in the question – but as there is faring PT Prem new book 1/1/1? There is LOTS of fans are not watching, and Pruszcz blankly at rep … How many times have crashed (or who drove me) always subtracted from 6 to 10 HP. And here is how?
Yes. From rams will suffer.

– Is there a chance that Havoc is ready to NG?
Chances are, but there are no guarantees.

– Stalingrad missed, probably millions of dollars to develop an increased probability of hitting on a test card is still not allocated.
There are likely to be increased 6 times.

– Tell me, please, do not preferential Prema, for example Tiger with 132 penetration and cardboard STA-2, or a tradition of reason still prevails make them a preferential rate of fights?
And that – already have information about the level of fighting these tanks?

And what do Britons topom be?
The top Tank Destroyers UK will

Conway FV4005 Stage 2 Turret mounted on Centurion hull

Conway, FV4005, top British Tank Destroyer, gosu-wot.com
Conway, FV4005, top British Tank Destroyer, gosu-wot.com
(c) photo by Massimo Foti This is something like …

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