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Swap IC-7 and Object 260! Let Object 260 will be pumped, and your IP-7 over the IBZ your interesting. So it is more logical though. Change?

When you enter a HAVOK? He is ready or not?

This patch again become projectiles through the tank without damage to fly :( Stuck in the trunk of IP-6, and shot wide. Did the screen. It is seen that the tracer passed through the tank and blast my shell. Replays unfortunately no :( A no repeat nothing will not be checked.
Unfortunately yes.

The game stands on the SSD, flies into battle once or twice, but exits battle for very long (very long spinning gear). A friend on a normal hard all the rules with the release.
Here the matter of communication. At the end of the battle comes a large amount of data with the statistics of the fight. That’s it and waits until it reaches. If there is a packet loss, it can wait a long time until all infa guaranteed reaches.

port the game to Android will be?
plans are, realization – KTTS. By the way, now have the opportunity to download free apk game file Stalker for android. Try it. Available on the young, but the quality portal appsmyandroid.com, where everyone will find useful information and will than upload your smartphone or tablet.

When there is something to do serbogoldoy? Pierce the same E75 do not even try – just flies Golden.
% in arrivals Golda E-75 – less than 20.

When you have fixed a “rassinhrona”? Well, just angry.
Never. Communication, alas, we can not cure.

Is it true that 9.5 will be cut by PDM premium PT Germany E-25 with 2,700 units. to 2350 units.? If so, will it be possible to sell PTshku for Gold, as once with peaches?

Here’s a topic on the official forum: http: //forum.worldoftanks.ru/index.php?/topic/1457501- I am unsubscribing to hear it. All certify there friezes.
Unplug Kaspersky. While all suspected some incompatibility with it.

Michael-topic question: Can you answer the main question about IBZ that somehow nobody asked – whether they will have a time limit? For me, this is critical, as the game is relatively little and do not like to bother. If IBZ cost / time forces will be comparable with pumping tanks up to 10 branches (about 1000 fights), but do not have a time limit, then that’s great, gradually fulfilled, for six months or a year. And if you need to bother month whatnot, then well, it nafig ..
limit will not.

At the time of glare both sets of opponents happens sharp dip FPS for a few seconds, until the loss tank control. It is a problem of the same opera, or just my video card neochen?
Or drive slow. Long model ship. Sometimes a little help defragmentation.

IMHO, the problem is clumsy system podzagruzki modelek (after 9.0 SPS new frontier, before it was no problem) even SSD does not save and 32GB of RAM. And subsidence committed not depend on the settings. For example you play on ultra FPS 35-40 and once a wild frieze seconds to go drawdown 5 fps to 7-10, you think ok settings. Me on a standard schedule disables all tweaker, a game FPS 100+ beauty and here again and again, or frieze, or FPS drop 7-10 frames. Somewhere in the engine after 9.0 problem lurking
Or in your computer.

Fate T-34-85M Dates: 12/24/2014 – 01/15/2015
Combat mission: to accumulate 50,000 XP from every nation (7x50k = 350k) in 6+ car
Reward: T-34-85M
Overall – 7 separate tasks (50k) for each nation. During the execution of each task to receive Prema 3 days (21 days altogether).
Source: Drain the evroservera
What I’m looking at the plan shares RU December and I do not see there is such a problem. What does it mean? Marathon will be on NG, but the tank will be different. :)

Thank wot-news.com

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