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Do you plan to do something with Leo? From 10 lvl more – the worse. Battlefield 3 of 4 – to 10-m.

And it is normal that it directly into an instrument to pierce damage with 170+ penetration?

What if “feature” of the barn without speed and armor? In exact gun?
Armor there enough. Also in the plus and accurate instrument breakdown.

Michael, then told about 3 campaign on the site, “Object 907», M60 and VK 7201 (K) at the end of the campaign will be in HD?

Misha! There are a couple of issues.
1. Will there at IS-3 when it alteration in HD side screens and tanks?

2. Whether the work on the engine sound?

1. No. Will EC-March 1945. Not upgraded.
2. Work on the sounds of course goes.

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