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1) Why not B1 shoots from his hellish sponsons, and from the tower of the pipette?
2) Will Recycling French tanks 1-4 levels (branch strands), because objectively as cacti.
1. Because torment induced body (horizontal angle pointing guns – nil).
2. Do not play on the French tank level 1-4.

This is how you treat afterwards as your cartographers stupidly pocherkali card at its discretion: a map of Stalingrad, on the lower rep rubbed my house and made a platform launch. This is the house of the 19th century, the merchant of the first guild (this house survived the civil war and the battle for Stalingrad, his black iron gates still stand, both fragments posechennye warrior), he was a close friend of the merchant (also the first guild) who had a house that is worth opposite the main railway station (now a museum of Defense civil war), it also is not on the map. In the Battle of Stalingrad is very little left of entire buildings, those that were reminiscent of the symbol of the survival of the city, and you always “boasted” that the request from the archives of drawings of tanks to the last bolt, and so as to draw a map of the bulldozer can be, right?

Dear developers, I heard that you are going to play with the review. Currently Pharma T-34-3 clearly understand that half of the profits of damage to glow. There are some issues. Do you collect data on premium income-tanks for the damage to be lighted, and going to do some compensation Prem tanks for the worsening of the damage done by pharma glows?
Let’s assume that we have reduced visibility. If we reduced the review that will be lighted on the bear a large share of damage. Do you offer reduced rates to save the situation? OK, we thought!

What do you do if the stock shares unscrupulous?
To greedy kids like you to suffer.

Why do I exist in the game such concept as stabilization and why this figure is nowhere advertised?
With that in some cases it may even be more important than the “accuracy” guns.

I wanted To understand why, with an equal spread of weapons of some tank will be much more likely to get closer to the center of the sight, and the other to watch more chaotic spread of projectiles inside the disk information.
How do you substantiate the need for the existence of such a parameter, which introduces confusion into the game?
If you have information about speed – substantiate the convenience of pickup. Parameter adequately simulates reality. And your opinion of confusion, as usual, is very important to us.

Tell me, please: Do not planned in the design of the ability to install the tower KV-13 guns instead of D-10-85 D-5T- 85BM? Or dimensions of the tower did not allow the installation of long-barreled guns?
basically allows. But as in real life it did not put there, from the balanced considerations decided not to add. Otherwise the machine would be much better than other tanks of the same level.

to formulate questions and to remove it. Cool. Why such a topic if the questions are removed. To respond to your questions? Already tired of your democracy such.
I hope your knowledge in the Russian alphabet is sufficient for 14 days in which you are now discharged to read, read the rules of the topic?

No, I’m talking about the probability of hitting the projectile closer to the center of the sight. Or do you deny that it is different for different tanks?
ZY if you did not understand what I mean, then stabilization players call not only spread the circle information on the go, but also how often the projectile flies exactly where you aim. That is, the maximum stabilization will be constantly getting into the center of the circle of information, no matter what the size of it (eg on dell’arte with the spread on the entire screen projectile would always got exactly in the center of the sight), and the minimum – complete randomness of the distribution of the point of impact of the projectile inside the circle details .
Ah, yes. Denies. Well this is CONSPIRACY !!!, and what is a conspiracy !!!, if not deny?
PS I always thought that “players”, to which you refer, instead of the Russian language is used some bird. Stabilization in Russian – is when the oscillations of the tank line guidance remains unchanged, or at least strongly fluctuates less …

Couple of questions respected developers:
1. Balance arts – OK? But then again, the dark corners of ponavylazili)))
2. System supertesta – OK?
Q due to the fact that playing randomness meet supertesterov (with a unique technique) and most often affects their “talent”, looking after combat stats. Example – the other day in the opposing team was Ob.260 arr. 1945 Merged it in 30 seconds. I specifically do not I can. After the fight, looked at the hero – was touched Bunny))) And this is not an isolated case. The result is likely to go on a test machine … how to describe it properly – undervalued. A test server (mass inspection of new equipment) – this fan, pokatushki-postrelushki and search for new tactics, which also does not give a real picture of the vehicle. As a result, in general use out of the machine, which you did, and then nerf, causing outrage from legitimate players.
1. OK. Well, that povylazili.
2 Envy silence.

Hello. Rummaged through the responses, like the question is not asked. Playing on T57Hevi got punched in the hatch mehvoda, on the body, directly under the gun. There has triplex, like three marbles. Actually on the panel lights up red lesions damaged triplex and began its restoration. Okay, let mehvoda contusion, but triplex mehvoda affects review? Is it not for the commander is responsible and kombashenka? Such observed several times in different tanks. This is a bug or so conceived?
Does the review by the driver. All right.

Have not remembered about the server replays, they are still in the plans or postponed as a non-priority and / or require a lot of fuss for the introduction to the game?
when ehehe … already you all, do not read the first post, banned on postoyanku …

Hello. I have a question that interests me very much if you take the T-34-85 and Pz.V in historical configurations, as though they were distributed by level in WoT (possible in real numbers)?
You know, it depends on the historical value of hit points for each of the tanks.
Why IS / IS-3 for guns D2-5T and D-25T loading time is exactly the same as on the KV-3 / KV-4 hundredths fractions of a second, after a series of two HF charging, and integrated circuits – one? What then occupied the second loader?
Eliminates imperfections design.

Good afternoon, dear developers.
Tell me more about the planned implementation of the remuneration practices for the ability to wield the sword Jedi tanking. I am interested in a moment like no penetration into the screen. Currently projectile punched screen, but do not try the main armor (and therefore suffered no loss if it does not bomb) is not included in the total amount of reflected damage. Can partly be understood from the possible complexity of the calculations, but the gods be so tanking board as E100, Isa, etc.? The main point of reflection of shells at a group of tanks are divided into tanking tower (here all the rules) and tanking nanoekranami (here and ambush).
How to be implemented screens reflected in remuneration practices?
Thank you for taking the time to response.
Storm, your fighters still succumbed to the nagging and decided to give Xpu for formidable enemy in sight?
In vain, they just find another excuse ponyt …

Zdravstvuyte.Kak what developers say that the worst performance time information, and the scatter in the branches E4, compared with a branch E3 is payback for bashni.Pochemu then branch wafer has the same performance characteristics of the instruments, as well as branch with berry folder at the end? No urezki.Vrode tower as too imeyut..I second question Chieftain will have the same performance characteristics of the gun (mix stabilization scatter) as 215B? Or become known?
believe that the Germans have turned out better.

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