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C 12 to 22 February in the game was the creative competition “Tank Valentine” [1,999,014]. Each of you has a unique opportunity to not only get the game gold and other valuable prizes, but also a romantic trip with your loved one on the main eSports event of the year – Grand Final Wargaming.net League in Warsaw!

The jury thanked all participants for their diligence and creativity. We present you the winners.

Animated images you can see by clicking on the image.

Important: authors whose work took place I-III, as well as spetsprizёram shortly by e-mail will be sent instructions on how to get tangible rewards.

Game Gold winners and spetsprizёram will be awarded in the near future. The prize premium account starts from the date of registration.

I place – 12000 + a trip for two to Warsaw for the Grand Final Wargaming.net League, which will be held 25-26 April 2015 * [1,999,022], or gaming computer Acer Predator G3-605 (DT.SQYER.046) :



II place – 10000 + Kit World of Tanks:






III place – 8000 + carpet Mouse World of Tanks + book publishing Tactical Press.













In addition, several spetsprizёrov will be rewarded for 4000 + 7 days a premium account + book publishing Tactical Press :

Xudozhnik, Decapp, CyberSteel, neo_173, QWEtankQWE, TheMarksman, Max13ru, Belkai, AyanoKaito, _ziozik _.

Special prizes 2500 + 5 days Premium account :

Ksav 1 er _ Mu _ Ta _ Bor _ Iluxa 147 RAMSES 885 Shurik _ designer , Smoothing , CJIABA _ POCCIJIJ _ Lipasoff , ROCHS 1 BolshoyZeleniyTank , Eugene _ INK , scorpion _3 mukamol , Kondrat 41 Sergwanderer _ Drunya _ AC , kvgklim , frostonz , Masta _ UA , Nikolsoni , Matros _ Jeleznyak _ D _ E _ N , Hikitoc _ Minsk , StasyWinchester , Alerator.

Special prizes 1500 + 3 days Premium account :

maksimusvelikolepniy St 1 llBadly , mishautpo , irbis _013 olech __ ka inviggo , Shangereev , krug 62 R _ U _ B _ K _ A , FRANTISHEK _83 JaNeBankomat , DimonprimE 3 OJIOTA 9 I _ PbI 6 KA , Haose , KIROPUYA , BOCb , MrVayn , Basanetss , krokoton , WildeRNS , SeregaRAH , Evil _ Hunter 87, __ CAJIO __ Druid 1984 DEN 21141421, yureckiy666, Oswin_Oswald, OLGA_TVER1989, visotskiy_m, Pykasytch, rrevazov, veeh, white_widow_, Cruel _ Kot 1 etka , Langmesstur , SerGo _ S , shokart , FOXatBOX, GreshnikTema1990, NINTENDQ, o1ejek, m_a_r_i_o84, SERVASS , Xudozzznik , Bld _ BuDeJlu _ HaLII _ buUCk , Irishka _1365 Amenhatep , Mr _ Axell , Olko _ Vlodkovich , Stillnef , Vane 4 ik 96 beaka , DaNgErOuS __ LaDy _32 Zoff _ Deniska 74 ru , L _ A _ N _ I _ N , tippitappi, DeSparrow, komnotuk 1 Jedy _ Knight , WarCem , R _ a _ n _ E , Sorbino , SqueezZz , firstwrussian , vismix , voevoda 88 rAmp 2009 lElLIITlE , martin _ devlin _ SnAiPeR _ oK _ Mos _ r , HachuMyasa , xSINGERx , kolodok 163 bel , fotoshopnik , Jasper_Kyd, FlushRoyal_13, Nataliya6.

«Acer . Going beyond the usual “
The company Acer – one of the leading players in the computer market. Acer offers a full range of laptops, personal computers, tablets and smartphones.

* Details of the trip

I place – a trip for two to Warsaw Grand Final Wargaming.net League , which will be held 25-26 April 2015 . The dates will be determined by the organizer of the contest (by Wargaming Public Company Limited).

According to the rules of the contest winners have the winner’s choice :

* – specific direction (the place of departure / return place) and airline determined by the organizer depending on travel dates, availability availability and other factors determined by the organizer.
** – specific hotel, dates and length of stay are determined by the organizer on the basis of route overshooting the winner, as well as availability in hotels and other factors.

more conditions :

  1. In order to participate in the competition persons who have not attained the age of majority (18 years), must obtain permission from their parents or legal representatives, in the form required by law.
  2. Employment of the player according to the rules of this contest, posted in the contest theme, confirms his desire to participate in the contest and unconditional acceptance of these Rules, including all obligations related to participation in the contest, and agree to provide all the necessary documents, consents, permissions participation in the competition, winning in it, and nominate the prize as a result of participation in the competition.
  3. The winner must complete the registration form of the winner of the contest, provided by the organizer by letter to the mailbox, which is registered Players player’s account. If the form is not filled by the winner will be presented by 18 March 2015, the Organizer shall not be liable for non-fulfillment of the obligation to provide the prize.

If the winner chooses a prize a trip to Warsaw, he accepts the following conditions:

  1. At the time of announcement of the winner of the contest he and those he has chosen to use the prize (“Accompanying person”) must be present passport and other documents required for travel abroad in the European Union, valid during their stay in the country, a trip in which he won, as well as parental permission (s) or legal representatives (s) to travel abroad if it required by law. Competition organizer is not responsible for the availability of all necessary documents for the trip, the winner and the accompanying person.
  2. Expenses related to visas, obtaining an insurance policy, providing transfers, meals and other expenses are the winner of their own .
  3. If the winner does not use the offer of a trip organized by the deadline specified in these rules, for whatever reason, did not provide the necessary information has not filled out the registration form, incorrectly issued documents are not failed to comply with the requirements for the necessary documents to travel like the accompanying person, and the winner, duration of the trip is not transferred and re-she is not available. The cash equivalent of the prize will not be paid.
  4. Any tax consequences of receiving the prize are solely the consequences of the person receiving such a prize. The person receiving the prize, is obliged to pay taxes arising in connection with the receipt of the prize, and perform any other acts and formalities required under applicable law.
  5. If the Organizer due to circumstances force majeure, acts of third parties and other circumstances beyond the control of the organizer, can not arrange a flight and / or residence of the winner or accompanying person, it leaves the right to refuse the winner in the organization of the trip and provide as the main prize gaming computer Acer Predator G3-605 (DT.SQYER.046) .

Raduyte favorite!

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