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From 29 May to 16 June [1,999,012] in the game held a drawing competition on the asphalt armor. Detailed rules of the competition placed here .

jury thanks all participants for the effort and creativity. Here is the winning pictures.

Note: The authors, whose work took place I-III, as well as spetsprizёram shortly by e-mail will be sent instructions on how to get tangible rewards.

Game spetsprizёram gold winners and will be awarded in the near future. Prize premium account takes effect from the date of accrual.

I place – image image T-34-85 «Rudy» [1,999,009] + [1,999,041] 9000 [1,999,009] + [1,999,045] Tournament Gaming Headset GameCom Commander :




II place – image image image T-34-85 «Rudy» [1,999,009] + [1,999,041] 7000 [1,999,101] + [1,999,103] Gaming Headset RIG SURROUND [1,999,009]:




S0NIA [1,999,007]

[1,999,056] [1,999,146] [1,999,014]

[1,999,051] HE3HAKOMKA_B_TAHKE

[1,999,056] [1,999,161] [1,999,014]


[1,999,010] I II place – image image image T-34-85 «Rudy» [1,999,009] + [1,999,041] 5000 [1,999,101 ] + [1,999,185] GAMECOM 788 Gaming Headset [1,999,101]: [1,999,011]

[1,999,051] rogleon [1,999,007]

[1,999,056] image

RedFox6435_1 [1,999,007]

[1,999,056] [1,999,213] image






In addition, several spetsprizёrov will receive a reward for 3000 + 14 days + premium account book publishing Tactical Press [1,999,012] [1,999,065]

Arseniy89, RAMSES885, kobushaa, CAHEK_715, Alex1212432, Antip218, 13cheburashka13, AHTOH0410, KOBA116, mihassss, 0_0_TAHK_0_0, SERVASS, red_fox212, danilka2011, BratelaS.

[1,999,168] Special prizes 2000 [1,999,101] + 7 [1,999,012] [1,999,101] days Premium account: [1,999,012]

Di_boom, Sacks, Ulqiorra4ka, 3BEPO3ABP, Mixe333, Zaitseva, First_RAVEN, mihail141986, kandalf1985, Kevlar_S, ROCKET _39, K3922, ArtArt2599, Shurik1525, Dog_842.

Special prizes 1500 [1,999,012] [1,999,009] [1,999,009] [1,999,101] [1,999,009] + 5 [1,999,012] [1,999,009] days Premium account: [1,999,012] [1,999,065] [1,999,012] [1,999,007]

[1,999,312 ] 2k_gRoUp, Vetnem39, Geo1945, ___Yao_Ming___, den_spoom, BLR_Dimon_, Soran_exe, PoketPar, Coca_Coda_By_, avdeev_88, Den6OK, BLR__Black_Dragon, art66rus, _ABNATOP_2013, Tahan_mXm, EGORIUZZ, Werty1998, 03_maks_ko, S09mertas, imLive, rAmp2009, shark2025, kyznetsovs, KA_10, APTE4KA_999 , mixa228404, _BLR_Demon_, KABAN_9999, Skaynet1970, omega0657, 12784367852685794, RATARASAWA, killmeat, granin777, BOBAH_34rus, WizZzArd777, _vlad_vlad_26_, Sergot333, kozlovchynin, BeLbli_DemoH, fofafi, assakura, kvashnyaka, alexx313, QREN1985. [1,999,007]


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remember everything

“remember everything” – a global initiative organized by Wargaming in late 2013 and aimed at promoting the Military History Museum in around the world in the preservation and restoration of the legendary models of military equipment. The program aims to revive interest in the history, to inspire young people to study the past of their countries and to preserve for future generations the unique historical monuments.

Recall that all the competitions in the World of Tanks you can to learn from .

Participate and win!

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