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From 17 to 31 March in the game was a competition armored costumes for pets. More information about the rules of the contest can be found here .

The jury thanked all participants for their diligence and creativity. We present you the winners.

Note: The authors, whose work took place I-III, as well as spetsprizёram shortly by e-mail will be sent instructions on how to get tangible rewards.

Game Gold winners and spetsprizёram will be awarded in the near future. The prize premium account starts from the date of registration.

I place – 12,000 + SSD SanDisk Extreme PRO 480 GB :



II place – 10,000 + SSD SanDisk Extreme PRO 240GB :





III place – 8000+ card SanDisk Extreme microSDHC / microSDXC UHS-I for Action cameras :







In addition, several spetsprizёrov will be rewarded with 4000 + 7 days a premium account + card SanDisk Extreme microSDHC / microSDXC UHS-I for Action cameras :

Loki1977, KPEMATOP696, hranitel19, KWatt, SpinoZa_2Duo, slavker99, 13ekzorcist13, zaromanza, niki0566, TTaHu_upuHa_, BGMike, Marinka_na_Tanke, megavoltoff, Niferd, BlackMarlin.

Between these 15 participants, selected by the jury and did not take I-III places our partner SanDisk carries an additional draw his special prize . You can vote for their favorite work.

Special awards 2500 + 5 days Premium account:

Amenhatep, rAmp2009, 164Andrey164, dr_greenthumb, Marginado, 12KrendeL12, PanzerMahinen, r22d22, WT_Voron, www_sema_ok, Le_Han, MOH7Ol, 1juk, ANFox0779, shash8080, sigma501, GrAl01, R_U_B_K_A, TwisterRF, DIMITRIS5800, Dnepr_911, Attero_of_nerves, S8yatosla8, inviggo , serega_lord.

Special awards for 2000 + 4 days Premium account:

dnat150, Efsi007, rijay_stervochka, CHANELIN, Rezident28, Jena_na_arte, _Crazy_Sergey_, Frontal, HUMBLER, 4epHbluMe4HuK, SPA12, mehanik_navodchik, Zaitseva, snajper_nepobedimyj_voin, ser100387, CAHEK_715, LinkinBoy, aggress1ve03, __ALINA___1991___, MaxiRom72, Shulgen2, loliloli, reapman, NickMain , anya_sergeevna.

Special awards 1500 + 3 days Premium account:

UltimateTank2, Verschinin85, Schturman010990, belka_new, sag68sag, 22_VARVAR_22, tehnar_av, metra28, koh9ik, vladimir_23rus, jeka0608, _AKEJIJIA_, Arttan28, ALIGATOR_116_boec, Ukrotitelnica_tigrov, poorly, cccp_T34_ua, BigRolling, namyschke, Amper779, viktor26092, Mar_S54, kolek_ru, Irisfiel , vany_bavaria, Novichpok01, Ugo_ist, _Sheff__, granin777, mitis61, 4brothers, sancopanso_razrushitel, http666, ANDREY_CVARNOY, mnh22, _Kirill_Yurevich_, Optima_Kokoc_, ARMmusic, Blak__Eagle, Naydenov_sergey, kimaa0799, berezakeramika, _x_X_x_74, Ulfr, TigerPythonAlbinos, Alex_Zeus666, nevermindmeHEROO, krutaya_kolbasa, kosvagorian , simba_98.


SanDisk – the world leader in data storage based on flash memory.

(c) 2015 World Of Tanks

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