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June 30 from 10:00 (GMT) to 21:59 (GMT) [1,999,012] on the official game forum held a competition for the best quatrain dedicated to your favorite technique of World of Tanks. More to the rules of the contest can be found here .

competition jury thanks all participants for the effort and creativity, and we bring you the winners.

Important: the authors of the winners shortly by e-mail will be sent instructions on how to get tangible rewards.

Game spetsprizёram gold winners and will be awarded in the near future. Prize premium account takes effect from the date of accrual.

winners get 3000 + 14 days of premium account + Gift Set “Guns of Victory “:


fight I was dragging a panther

howling sirens boomed into the sunset

no one on the base did not return


Batya4 [1,999,007]

[1,999,041] dell’arte play safely

bomb ready to roll over the fir

my favorite is the tank Mouse

as a target


no better than a tank in the whole world

will not give God does not eat pig

when play helkete

not I


te forward my forty-four

enemies now far side

just would not only undermine


__ MELIOR __

at Ise six I often in the top

only fight I heard Seeking

position and Chito-board



I’m back fiercely to stoop

my name HF-5 encore

[1,999,041] and just quietly crying again

[1,999,041] operator

[1,999,036] Kurishok

gave me a ride Levu

I made friends with him gave the name

but now it is time to leave



brew wonderful drink

on him, I always fight dragged

oh how he threw a vertuhaya

right in the soup

Novichok20132 [1,999,007]

[1,999,041] I chose a favorite tank in the throes

[1,999,041] borsch Waffles and sneakers Bulldog

when play helkete

I am God


leaf through tanks baht tree

helkata Cromwell wafer

are coming here to select my favorite

all Liu

In addition, several spetsprizёrov receive a reward 1500 [1,999,009] + 7 [1,999,012] [1,999,009] days of premium account + [1,999,199] Gift Set “Warrior” :

littlebeauty, Fram_Altai, BigKolyan, Yanvar_sann, Butov, Shulc12, miozon, RedFox6435_1, postlv, TRAH3NCTOP_N3_MRCA, Natasha_Kiew, Tir203, LUK1024, alexeyushka, SoVFeO.

[1,999,186] [1,999,009] Special prizes 1000 [1,999,012] [1,999,009] [1,999,009] + 2 [1,999,012] [1,999,009] days Premium account: [1,999,012] [1,999,050] [1,999,012]

KotMulder, Romtzr, CTPAHA_COBET0B, tretiy_max_333, Sytchov, Mishka_2405, PatriotBelarusCCCP, Kokero, Gibbius, meian_skif, ironway, hemulbezprosto, iljenochka, Crazy_Killer122, Rivender, CAA, ss2ss2, SkyWOTka, MadBeatle, Gun_KYH, ILusha563, Kruzifix, Woodro_Wilson, 5PATyXA, ArthurKG, Ir_Mara, RealSilveR, CHaunep_u3_Kycma, mihaaleksandrovich, ProBlic, PRO100HACKER, wise1971, Khaliff, DGreen26, Prehitry, 3A3HAuKA, Smith077, DiTrech, KAJliHOYCKi_KACTYCb, Berc_2, Velocyraptor, 123lexa__lexa123, KillDestroy, Truart, alexgrudko, _T_A_N_A_T_O_R_, Halbstark, _OHOTOVED_, zazon, 1TripleShot1, TNR_INT, Holostyak_51rus, VINT_64, Jbp_J1ga, VIKtar2, Smokedron, FRlLANSER, Exclusive_Zeus, gyrssa, Katsu_Sugiyama, 9lives_, Datsyuk_P_13, GreenSlider, MBC2000, KOHTPOTBET, yaroslavcheg, zhena_puny29, Nitrozen, YU__LA, AngelDimoni, Dastan_the_Champ, elner, CarryMeHome, Idjiran, pogranec_L, OmJu, 3ip, I_Hate_Matan, Anonimous88, Alex_Z56, ProZot, drynov46, Tesla87ua, komardes, BreakingGood, pobeditel_vseh, baikal_nerpa, trofim_off, demolnia, raghobbit, Sicilian_Defence, FEREYN, DutyFruit, POLKOM, fg1978, Alexandr_66, Pabar, For_Myself, SHAITAN_TRAKTOR, Vikiri, grey1s, baza178, Battlehide, Alex19861986, konung_hmel, Vasbka, Javgus, WarhammerG, numizida, LayPirate, HardWorkForRealMan, KyleRee5e, Killer_003, LLIymNIC, Gorynych13, Sumeru, BSkellWolf, Partizanka_Lara, MrFluderasT, VikaDim_, 13_CAHTuMETPOB, Dokasen, CAHEK_MOXOB, sk_off, Orskoe_Kote, Legioner_8888, Alyros, FuFfLe_PuFf, _SERZH_77_, Mazenrath, omarchik, GAMST12, Vitorio007, Uni1, simsalambim, by_07, L_O_N_E__W_O_L_F, Max_Volchara, freugate, Kovalyski, Alexxx_911, Diversius, vladimir_eg, bugsbot, Rabus72, sashka_25, nub4097, borg82, Hikitoc_Minsk, Ckarnack, xxlkiller1, san99wot, ybiBaLIJka, 71st_Cadian, Vic13tor, lark_1993, art_OS, StasFin, Karakarakan, Marmalada, MedvePooh, _IHateJuice_, ravinantkry, E_L_M_O_N_S, KDA694, Noldor77777, nokia1280, VelizarWWII, alexmedv, JIuc_nycmbIHu, Destrophy, Juice2310, Perry_Meison, lOPKA_KYCTOKPblC, utemuratov, YouWiillNeverWalkAlone, Le_Renard, doo_oddo, MaxRomTankT34, Steady_12, What_Are_You_Doing, PhoenikZ, Opel77, Malanka_Blues, PRoTesT67rus, ArtaNeSpit_ArtaSvoditsya, matreh, henk_moody, Korrochun, wyrm_eater, Teo_Lasombra, cherhak777, podgoric, BARBUS102, Ccalve, Lechat_Botte, uskolzayushchij, Lumtik, Francuz64, HI_IQ. [1,999,007]

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