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April 1 at 12:00 (GMT) to 23:59 (GMT) in the game was a competition for the best quatrain dedicated to the fight against zombies tanks. More information about the rules of the contest can be found here .

The jury thanked all participants for their diligence and creativity. We present you the winners.

Important: authors whose works have won a prize in a short time on e-mail will be sent instructions on how to get tangible rewards.

Game gold winners and spetsprizёram will be credited in the near future. The prize premium account starts from the date of registration.

Winners will receive 3000 + 14 days of premium account + souvenir USB-drive capacity of 16 GB:

Nomination “Stihotvorenie-” powder “”:


to the case nekroepidemy

mouse I bought myself and let

I tumble down zombies and drop



on the battlefield all mixed up

hopper tanks zombie horror

our platoon heroically took action



appeared in the sight of zombies

he thought give up without a fight

let enjoying the sunset


Nomination “The poem, rhyme”:


I should not have dared to two meters

In a zombie gun discharge

And do not smell victory …

And I do not wash HF …


Tanks zombie fought

battlefield skedaddle

Because ruled

These tanks “crayfish”!


Tanks are not afraid of dirt,

Zombies do not panic.

Only clean the tracks

crew swears.

Special prizes 1500 + 5 days Premium account:

Romka_EvS, 13_CAHTuMETPOB, artem95356, DamienGutted, Defulat, den_41_k, dyadyagraff, Eagleson, ELVIS_30, Karakurt_krsk, Klistan, Magunikum, Marmalada, mixkobzar, MPast, rybidiu, st_buroba, Stiho, temasanych, Trabi, Volh_Air, ybiBaLIJka, yoger.

Special prizes 1000 + 3 days Premium account:

___ L___, ___Wi_Gi___, _Elise_, _OJIE4KA_, 3JIou_TPAXTOP, Alerator, Alexandr_66, Alfred_Reginitor, ARSLANSULTAN, atomicone, beeerloga, BelzOmg, Bleffi, bobr_34, bola23, born2beBad, Calojer, CherkasOFF2611, dds83, Ded_Polkan, degulator, DVDMawn, elementator2SV, F_U_R_I_1, Ffotograf, Figunok, Fire_soldier, FranzBeckham, Gaer_666, HACTR_, Himitoshi, Irvin_Romel, IVANES121, JIeuTeHaHT_BBC, Kamaz_petrovich, KissOfDeath666, KoT_CMeTaHKuH, Kot1etka, KotMulder, KPMH, KTYECZ, Ku3mi4_51rus, Loathe, luxero, Marateg_1990, McBanana, Megalopuh, Meltzer, mikeug, mob, MrFrank116, mrGLooM, msok69, Natasha_Kiew, nemezcs, omyru, OnkelTom, osamjkee_2015, Panda_VOIN, Perry_Meison, philka27, Portoskin, PR2277, QuickboooM, qweeki_33, radostun, Raga, Rasuljka, RaveNnishe, RavenWhite, razzum1, Reefers, samius1305, Sammael_1993, schushpanzer, Seganoid, Skalaboba, Smith077, SOVIETMACHINE, StriptiS, SunchoZ, Tactical_droid, TheApok, Thunder_Spartans, timotay, Timudjinii, tollokki, Torkvemador, U716, Vano_bar, Velopanzer, Vitan22, WesT_SsS, Wrekker, x_SWAG_x, Zanyaty_Vse_Imena.

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