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M18 Hellcat (Eng. Witch) – 76-mm self-propelled artillery class fighter tanks during World War II. This American PT-ACS light weight, unlike most of the time SPG was not created on the basis of the tank, and a specially designed chassis. Total mass production from July 1943 to October 1944 the factory shop left 2,507 self-propelled guns. During the war, these self-propelled guns were widely used by the Americans in 1944-1945 in the battles in Italy and Northwest Europe. Shortly after the war, PT-ACS M18 Hellcat was withdrawn from the US Army, but it has long been used in other countries. In South Korea, and Venezuela as of 2007 there were 8 and 75, respectively M18 Hellcat.

Обзор М18 Hellcat

Обзор М18 Hellcat
Although someone may leave a top drive for later. The tank is pumped quickly, so there’s not a fundamentally

Review without unnecessary numbers and calculations

M18 American PT-6 level. With a terrible body armor, but a great instrument and good dynamics. Although we will occasionally receive bounce and hit the mask, gun, armor we still sad. Climb headlong into hell, and in general on a single tank is not necessary.
weapon speed and the main feature of the TP. Nj nonetheless tower we spinning very slowly.

Tactics one for all layouts. If we are in the top or not, always choose a secluded place, and from there shoot everything that moves. But do not always sit in the same place. A couple of shots made immediately change position. The dynamics of the tank allows, run fast on the map.

You can also choose the tactics of shooting because of the allied tanks, but it is fraught with rapid destruction of our car.
Excellent tool, with good breaks will please everyone. Especially when you are in the top. Nearly any tank 6 and breaks below the usual BB shell. As for the piercing projectiles (for game gold), then they should use if you hit down the list
Tank enjoy immediately. Oh very good it is.

Excellent tool to damage 240-300.
Good angles vertical lay
Relatively strong forehead tower
Good broneprobite basic shell
Very precise instrument
High speed
Rotating Tower
A good review (370m)

Weak body armor
Slow rotation tank


As for consumables

Rem.komplekt, first aid kit, 100-octane gasoline
Gasoline, though not much, but will increase the speed of rotation of the tower

As spit modules

– telescope, gun-rammer caliber reinforced drive pickup
Instead, the pipe can be supplied coated optics

Example configuration

Обзор М18 Hellcat

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