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[1,999,002] M6A2E1 – American Gift heavy tank eighth leveled. The game is often called – goose or duck. Many tankers spit and say that the tank – not a fountain, supposedly gun sucks, slow rides and is always the first target, because of the high silhouette. Yes, it’s disadvantages, but the advantages far more.
goose does not tolerate curves hands, this newcomer to ride it is not recommended.
It can truly be called a tank 8 leveled, in comparison with other fellow’s level. The first thing to look out for is the thickness of the turret and forehead – a colossal metal thickness – 7.5 inches (191 mm). On this 8 tanks leveled almost always punched him on the forehead. And very often above the level of the tanks can hear the annoying words “Do not try.” It Punisher among small levels.

Tactics Game:
goose – offensive tank game style a la PT-ACS is fatal for him because of the huge (I would say almost the very huge in the game) silhouette. But then saves the dynamics of the tank, it is excellent. Quickly gaining its maximum 30km per hour, quickly turns turret and hull, this is difficult to spin it. Again, it all depends on the hands. The weight of the tank allows the ram to punish enemies, especially with the new perk “Master ram” he rams not a child.
The tank attack, this is the best option, at the sight of the enemy, just do the front clinch. The tower allows to put any penetration in the tank turret commanders from the top down. Since we have almost the forehead does not break, the opponent in the clinch is impossible to break us, as he does not see the NLD.
only vulnerable spot in front – an open distance between the tracks and the body, and of the NLD, too.
1 rule on a goose – Always stand to face the enemy. You can add the angle of the body – a little ass expand housing in the direction of the shot. (It is necessary to work out)

If you see that on the ground there are a lot of open sides, it is better do not go there, and Ride where only one direction – forward.
Each card has pebbles, houses with windows, and high projections. On the other tanks we could only spend a look at them and go further. But all these gadgets on maps made specifically for the Goose. We came to the window, leans out does not break the tower and punish enemies. Just the perfect combination – to stand behind the IP-3, he covers us of the NLD, and we support firepower.

Pros and cons:

– a good weapon.
– Good book.
– A large mass.
– Small balanced weight.
– a good mobility.
– Availability screens.
– Nice review.
– A large ammunition.

– Weak book boards.
– Weak radio.
– Lack of armor piercing guns in a frontal attack.
– Little speed.
– A large body height.
– The high cost.
– Gift tank (does not have the high yield).


The screenshot below shows the tank after purchase
Обзор M6A2E1

Features of the tank after the purchase
Обзор M6A2E1

Обзор M6A2E1

The top: M6A2E1HVSS
Max. load: 70.5 t Swing speed: 24 m / s

Обзор M6A2E1

masthead 105 mm Gun T5E1E
Break: 198/245/53 mm; Damage: 320/320/420 HP; Rate: 5.77 rds / min; The spread: 0.37 m / 100 m; Reduction: 2.0 c;

Обзор M6A2E1

Masthead Wright G200 M781 C9GC5
Power: 960 hp .; The probability of fire: 20%

Обзор M6A2E1

The top: M6A2E1D4
Armor 191/89/208; Rotate 26 deg / sec; Overview: 430 m.

The radio
Обзор M6A2E1

The top: SCR 508/1
range: 650 m

Optional modules
– rammer.
– improve ventilation.
– shot down / vertical stabilizer interference.

– First aid kit.
– Kit.
– 100-octane gasoline / Fire Extinguisher

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