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[1,999,002] Background [1,999,004] Обзор СТ-1 [1,999,004] Developing tank started in 1945 by Valentin Ganin Asikritovichem, later famous engineer a rocket. The development was also a graduate of the Moscow State Technical University. Bauman Chasovnikov. As it was planned to use a similar chassis from the object 701 (revised become IS-4), and the tower was designed by Ganin. He believed that the existing heavy tanks have several disadvantages like a tower, and in the body, and to solve them, he suggested a number of innovations.


Обзор СТ-1

Обзор СТ-1

The first examine the caterpillar, then the tower and cannon. The top engine for the amateur. If you do not feel sorry for 23,000 experience, you can bleed. Without it, you can ride.


Tank for forcing everyone and everything. Do not be afraid to go on it first. Do not necessarily corners. Right angle tools beyond the 8th level we simply do not penetrate. Even tt10 sometimes hear -Bronya not broken. The forehead towers we also can not break through, the body is also quite strong, but it has its weaknesses. NLD and the driver’s hatch. And do not allow arrivals enemy tanks you in the side or rear, though they, too, and all armored LT 4-6 level you are not strikes, what spit vvseh others, their tools, we are able to inflict damage.

weapon that the braid, here too, we are not cheated. Kumalyativny shell has one of the highest penetration in the game – 400 !!!
But all these advantages there are also negative. Tank has no idea what the speaker. Tower turns slowly, building povarachivaetsya also not so hot. More about the tower – it is huge and flat. entering Art. projectile promises incapacitate crew member


– If your story goes to the top, you are here the worst enemy of all. Be careful not only is the level of brothers and artillery. Davim all, only with the support of allies. One need only defit certain direction.
– If the story goes in the bottom of the list, hold on a top allies on the situation tankuem or fire back because of various prepyatsviya all that is. Remember! do not put a tank diamond!

Excellent frontal armor
Excellent tool, with good damage

Very bad dynamics
information for long guns
bad review in the 360m

that the braid consumables here standard
Rem.komplekt, first aid kit, fire extinguisher

As modules spit here on the fan

– Improved ventilation, gun rammer large hummingbirds, reinforced drive pickup. Thereby improving the overcharging and mixing

Example configuration

Обзор СТ-1

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