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[1,999,002] Historical data: [1,999,004] “Hetzer” (it. Hetzer – «Huntsman”) or Jagdpanzer 38 – German light self-propelled artillery (SAU) class of tank destroyers. Used during the Second World War. According to German notation departmental military equipment worn index Sd.Kfz.138 / 2. It was developed by Czechoslovak BMM light tank chassis Pz.KpfW.38 (t) in November 1943 – January 1944 as a cheaper replacement and massive assault guns StuG III, but was later reclassified as a tank destroyer, designed primarily for manning anti-tank units of infantry and cavalry divisions.


Обзор ПТ-Сау Hetzer


Обзор ПТ-Сау Hetzer

Review without unnecessary numbers and calculations

Hetzer German Fri 4th level. With excellent instrument with rapid mixing, good frontal armor, and speed of rotation of the tank. We have a very good gun 10,5 cm StuH 42 L / 28 is charged if the cumulative projectiles vanshotit absolutely everyone with 1-4 levels. The gun and the speed of rotation of the main pieces of the TP.


Hetzer often gets to the top. According to this there are afraid of us all. Do not fear, only those who have recently started to play and have not yet learned all the rage of our DC, but after our vanshota the next time they will not come back.
We got top of the list . Kara everyone. For us, all the tanks on one shot. Course can be rekoshety, but this is very rare. Play gently but firmly. We can push any direction. We have a quick turn of the tank, this small fireflies we swirl it fail

We are among the fifth level . There is already playing like pt. Find the bush, we get up, waiting. No one ?! We go further. Tanks fifth level for us is very dangerous. Those KV1 or Churchill, in the forehead so we just do not sample. To have vytselivat weaknesses tank. But even these tanks we are able to carry half of their health. We are also afraid.

The most difficult situation. We got to the second level . There is already playing very carefully. We vanshotit any tank level 6. You should not even be on the second line warfare. Stay very far away and throw from there. For us it will be safer. But even in such a sad situation, there is a place for joy. When you wake blows Besides KV1s u 300-400 hp, smile she would appear on the face. But the forehead second level, we will not breakdown. To call in the side or rear and already there Karan.
PS It is worth noting that the best way to shoot a gun 10,5 cm StuH 42 L / 28 (in other words from fugasnitsy) goldovymi shells (for silver). Damage bydet permanent and stable.


Excellent one-time damage
Rapid mixing – 1.7sek
Quick turn tank
Good frontal armor to level 4


not very apt weapon
A long flight of the projectile. It should be used to this
Small overview – 260m
Moderate Speed ​​

As for consumables

There -Rem.komplekt standard, first aid kit, fire extinguisher

As for the modules

telescope, gun-rammer caliber reinforced drive pickup
telescope will increase survey
Instead, it can put the camouflage net

Example configuration

Обзор ПТ-Сау Hetzer

It should be noted that this tank like the players to raise their statistics. On seeing this hettszera in a foreign team it is to focus attention on this. When he saw a platoon of 3 ex hettszerov is to kill them first

Обзор ПТ-Сау Hetzer

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