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What do Rhodesia and Wonder Woman have in common? Well…

Eland 90 Rhodesia 1979

Absolutely nothing. But here’s a photo of South-African Eland-90 armored car in Rhodesia, 1979 (the end of the Rhodesian Bush War).

And I went to see Wonder Woman this evening, was actually really nice movie, I’d rate it 8/10

+ Amazing action scenes, really, even by today’s standards, they were really great, the ending is especially epic
+ Gal Gadot (nuff said, I think she’s currently the prettiest actress there is)
+ It’s cut much better than the clusterfuck that was the rebooted Superman, let alone Superman vs Batman
+ Amazing exteriors
+ Final bad guy

– Completely pointless sidekicks who are there only because “diversity” and there’s even hamfisted arbitary whine about white man racism

Overall, however, it was a very enjoyable experience, it’s a MUCH better movie than the infamous Batman vs Superman and I recommend it. Keep this up, DC.

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