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Rise of Continents Begins!
2015-09-28 10:54:00 / News
It’s time to fight for your server!

Rise of Continents, the first truly globe-spanning event for World of Tanks: Blitz, starts today! Jump into battle and start helping your NA Server comrades achieve victory, while securing your shot at great in-game rewards and gear!

All four Blitz servers will be competing against each other in a variety of categories. The server that wins first place overall will reward eligible players with 14 days of Premium time and 500. Those of you who participate will also have a chance to win great gear and prizes!

Navigation How Do We Win? | Performance Categories | Weekly Stages Rewards & Gear | In-Game Rewards | Great Gear | War Bonds How Do We Win?

Server performance will be based on 12 different categories (listed below), so the better we do in each category, the better your chance of winning more stuff! While Rise of Continents is a month-long event, it’ll be divided into four weeklystages, with the results of each posted as they end.

The easiest way to help your server win and earn the best possible rewards is to log in and play as many battles as possible! That said, be sure and pay attention to the news portal and pop-up news items because we may ask for your help in focusing on specific areas! The more categories we can dominate, the better we’ll do and the more in-game rewards you’ll earn!

Dear Players! While the information on the official Rise of Continents page is shown in percentages, please note that each of the goals will be scaled based on the population of each individual server, not raw numbers. Smaller servers will have the same chances to win as larger ones!

Performance Categories
1. Number of Battles Played (Percentage based)
2. Number of German Tanks Destroyed
3. Number of USA Tanks Destroyed
4. Number of Soviet Tanks Destroyed
5. Number of British Tanks Destroyed
6. Number of Platoons Created
7. Number of Epic Medals Acquired
8. Number of Missions Completed
9. Amount of XP Earned
10. Number of Credits Spent
11. Number of Tier VIII Tanks Played
12. Max Number of Users Simultaneously Connected Weekly Stages

After each stage we’ll publish an update on how our server performed and information on what categories to focus on during the next stage. You’ll also want to pay attention to pop-up news pages when you log in to the game, as we’ll be providing hints and tips to help our server emerge victorious!

Stage 1: September 28 – October 4
Stage 2: October 5 – October 11
Stage 3: October 12 – October 18
Stage 4: October 19 – October 25

While the overall winning server will be determined based on performance over the entire event, weekly stages make it easy to track how each server is doing! Top-performing players will be eligible to win prizes on a weekly basis (see below!), so keep checking back to see how you and your server are perfoming!

Rewards & Gear In-Game Rewards

With four servers (North America, Europe, CIS and Asia) competing against each other, there can be only one winner, but all servers will be rewarded for their participation. In-game rewards are as follows:

1st Place Server: 14 Days of Premium and 500 2nd Place Server:  7 Days of Premium and 500 3rd Place Server:  3 Days of Premium and 350 4th Place Server:  1 Day of Premium and 250

These prizes will be available to all eligible players on the server. To qualify, you must have 20 days of activity during the event and participate in at least 100 battles. If you don’t meet that criteria, you won’t receive the Gold and Premium time!

Great Gear

In addition to in-game prizing, we’ll be offering the chance to win fantastic gear like Sennheiser headphones and earphones and SteelSeries controllers!

Sennheiser Weekly Winners

Every week, 11 winners will be chosen from our server’s top performers and receive Sennheiser CX 2.00i or Sennheiser CX 2.00G earphones!

Sennheiser Overall Winners

At the end of the event, 11 of our server’s overall top performers will win Sennheiser Game ONE white headphones!

 Please note: The following prizing is unique to the North American server!

SteelSeries Contests & Giveaways (NA only)

There’s More: Three top performers in each category at the end of the event can also win SteelSeries controllers for their epic contributions!

Sennheiser Returns! (NA only)

We’ll also be giving away more Sennheiser gear through contests and giveaways on our forums, and through our Twitter and Facebook accounts! Make sure you sign up and tune in to win!

War Bonds

During Rise of Continents, Clans will have the chance to earn War Bonds by playing battles. If Clans earn enough, they’ll be able to receive special prizes! If you haven’t joined a Clan already, Rise of Continents is the perfect time to join and start battling for great rewards!

Start Playing!

Now that you’ve got all the details, it’s time to start playing! Rise of Continents is going to be massive, but our server won’t be able to win without your help! Keep your eyes open for updates and further information throughout the event!

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