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Rise of Continents – Weekend Special #3
2015-10-15 17:31:00 / Events

For our third weekend special we’re bringing you a serious Crew XP bonus for every battle you play! We’ve also got a 20% Credit discount on Equipment, making this weekend a great time to train your Crew and trick out your vehicles!

Log in, battle and help our server RISE to the challenge! Starts Friday, October 16, 04:00 PT / 07:00 ET
Ends Monday, October 19, 04:00 PT / 07:00 ET x2 Crew XP Bonus Discounts

Equipment 20% Credit Discount

For more information about Rise of Continents, including the great rewards and prizes available if you participate, please click here!

Looking for people to Platoon with? Check out the Platoon Finder on reddit!

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