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Rock Your Own Twister Cup Camo
2016-10-06 00:11:00 / Events
Twister Cup Camo Missions Begins October 5, 17:00 PT / 20:00 ET
Ends October 8, 17:00 PT / 20:00 ET

The Twister Cup qualifiers are underway! We’re celebrating with a special camo available for completing Twister Cup missions. You don’t have to be participating in the tournament to earn it; just complete a mission and the tank you used gets a special “Triumph” camo pattern. It not only looks cool, but will give your vehicle a concealment boost.

Camouflage becomes available for the vehicle that was used to complete the mission. If the camouflage is already unlocked, or replacing the camouflage is unavailable, you’ll receive 20,000.

During this time, you can also earn a special Twister Cup medal just by completing a single battle   Twister Cup Mission Details

Bet On Victory: Destroy five enemy vehicles in one battle and survive.
Teamwork: Be in the top three players by damage dealt among both teams.
Leading the Competition: Earn the most XP on your team and win the battle.
Glory on the Battlefield: Win three battles.
Quest for the Champion: Cause 3,000 HP over any number of battles.
Convincing Victory: Destroy one enemy vehicle and win the battle.
Victory Storm: Win two battles in a row.
Triumphant Battles: Destroy five enemy vehicles over any number of battles.
Sports Trophy: Survive two battles in a row.
Personal Achievement: Destroy two enemy vehicles in one battle.

These missions can be completed with vehicles of any tier.

Twister Cup Garage

There’s one more bit of the Twister Cup festivities — look for our all-new Twister Cup Garage!

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