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"Roll Out" Issue 3 Arriving Soon
2016-12-07 11:00:00 / News
World of Tanks: Roll Out! is an original WWII tank combat tale from Wargaming and Dark Horse.

Wargaming’s tale of tank combat after the invasion of Normandy continues in Issue 3’s “Kindergarten.” The intrepid crew of British tankers gets a brief respite from the mayhem of battle to regroup and plan their next move. Their peace will be short-lived, as danger lurks around the corner. The German tankers trying to stop them also face new challenges as they clash with their superiors, especially after a horrific discovery that further stokes the fires of conflict.

Exclusively in printed copies of Issue 3, and exclusive to World of Tanks on console, is a code for the special “Open Fire” bundle loaded with Premium Account time, Garage slots, consumables and an exclusive T1E6 Premium tank!

Issue 3 rolls into your local comic book shop and online at at DarkHorse.com on December 7!

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