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Roll Out Your TDs
2015-08-27 10:25:00 / Events

Roll out into battle this weekend and earn yourself a x2 XP bonus for each vehicle! While you’re at it, send your Crew back to the academy to brush up on their skills, as we’re offering discounted training rates!

It’s also a great weekend to battle in your favorite tank destroyers! Destroy a couple of enemy vehicles and win a battle in the same game and you’ll earn a repeatable x1.3 XP bonus! 

Starts: Friday, August 28, 04:00 PT / 07:00 ET
Ends: Monday, August 31, 04:00 PT / 07:00 ET x3XP First Win Bonus Multiplier Crew Training Discounts

Train to 75% – 20% Credit Discount
Train to 100% – 50% Gold Discount

Mission: Target on Lock

Destroy at least two enemy vehicles in a winning battle.

Reward: x1.3 XP

Limit five times per day Tank Destroyers, tiers IV and higher only

Did you complete our tank destroyer pop quiz but still think you’re in need of a few more pointers? Look no further than these Club Wargaming guides!

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